How to be Less of an Ass | Quick Piece Breakdown

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I hope you’re staying warm since apparently we have six more weeks of winter left!

How to be Less of an Ass

I wrote this piece based off of my own writing prompt. Background: I run a separate writing blog on Tumblr and I post a prompt every day (except Sundays). Feel free to check it out. This prompt was birthed out of the blue, no context or any backing. When it came to writing a story on Sunday, I needed to write a story that was less for writers and more for readers. I tend to write with imagery that’s too in depth for regular readers to fully comprehend, so I’m trying to cover more ground by simplifying.

This story is about two brothers with the older one (I never specified) berating the younger one and half-way through the story, the story twisted around to the younger brother revealing that he only came to his brother because he was brave enough to leave his abusive girlfriend. To that revelation, his older brother took him in and recognized him and finally recognized him as family.

This story seriously packs a punch and I don’t think I overdid it with similes, metaphors and a ton of imagery. Because this is a flash fiction piece, I needed you to quickly get the picture, so I didn’t spend a lot of time describing the setting or the character’s background. I focused on what was current in the situation and sculpted a beginning and end. Please let me know what you think, if you felt like this story was more in depth, but more easily digested. I’m trying to establish a better writing style that’s more catered to you!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my piece!



The Desert | Quick Piece Breakdown

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I hope you enjoyed reading my piece! Enjoy another odd Quick Piece Breakdown on a Wednesday!

The Desert

This is a super short piece. I wouldn’t even call it a short story since it’s definitely a flash fiction piece. It was one of those weeks where it was getting late and I was having difficulties forming an idea for a story. My solution for these moments would be to avoid all advice I read about defeating writer’s block and fill my mind with endless YouTube videos and unnecessary memes on Tumblr. This time, it worked – definitely a rare instance. I wasn’t looking at pictures of deserts or anything thirst provoking (except the need for a story). The opening line just came to me.  I felt the heat scorching my skin, but I kept walking. From there, I created a story about someone who decided to depart from home, somewhere that’s very comfortable to a place of uncertainty and unknowns. There’s obvious an atmosphere of, “What were you thinking?” but that’s the exact point. Oftentimes, we realize our greatest mistakes until the end and for this person, it was when they realized how unprepared they were and succumbed to the desert.

When that first line came to me, there was no way that the message came to me in that instance as well. I stuck to improving each individual sentence and the story slowly came to me. I really didn’t like the story when I wrote it, but based on the reception it has garnered, everyone else definitely enjoyed it. I think an important thing to writing especially with stories is to keep writing. If you don’t write, how are you a writer? Write from the most pained parts of yourself and write the most wonderful moments you witness. There’s no need to continue to be hung up on if your writing is “good enough”, “fit for the market” or “considered to be talent or skill”. It’s the fact that you created something!

Keep creating & thanks for reading!


Unlimited Balance | Quick Piece Breakdown

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Sorry about the delay – my first day of classes was yesterday, so I had to deal with buying textbooks at a good deal and making sure I went to all my classes as well as trudging through the snow.

Unlimited Balance

Ever since I started reading, I’ve always loved to read fantasy books that contained some kind of magical powers. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Harry Potter series although my sixth grade teacher told me to pick another book to read after plowing through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Anyways, I’ve always found those type of books to be fascinating. As I developed my writing, I always seem to sneak in a “magical abilities” story which always end up coming out quite cheesy and cliché. For this story, I tried really hard like I did for “Incredible” to piece together a comprehensive story with my usual excitement.

This story is basically about a ritual a family goes through to gain their magical ability. As each child turns 10, they’re given the ability to pick an ability out of mystical jar. I didn’t want to focus on the details behind why the family did it like that. I wanted to focus more on the reactions and incorporate a little more comedy with the magical genre just so it wouldn’t become the usual fantasy piece. The kid ended up picking out the “unlimited balance” ability which confused everyone because it wasn’t as straight forward as it seems to be. I wanted it to be more so of an ability that is something that we wouldn’t really request for like teleportation or having food appear instantly in front of you, but it’s more of a “subtle ability”. It’s the ability to have a good and regulated life which is definitely not something a 10 year old would have. Eventually, the story concludes with a sweet ended about the kid, now a grandfather, telling his grandson about the stories of the choosing process.

As usual, I wanted my story to have a theme of family unity as well as some lighthearted humor. I also wanted to focus on the beauty of the simplicity that life can carry. Sometimes we can get caught up on things we need to do and things we haven’t done, but we should just sit in awe of how far we’ve come.

Thanks for reading & stay warm!



Incredible | Quick Piece Breakdown

Hello everyone,

Long time no story! I hope you enjoyed this cute little story!


Even though I’ve been writing poetry, it was a slightly awkward transition to getting back to writing stories, so I had to start simple. This past year, I participated in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest, which is basically a writing contest where you get a genre, setting and an object that you need to use in a story. To top it off, you have to submit the story within 48 hours of finding out the genre. There are 4 rounds that you write through each with different genres, settings and objects, but based on how well you do with point systems especially in the second round, it will allow you to proceed to the next rounds. Unfortunately, I got 0 points for the 1st and 2nd round, but the awesome thing about this contest is that the judges will write commentary for your pieces! And boy, did I learn a lot. The judges loved my story concept, but had trouble grasping my sentence structure and story organization. By starting back to the basics (like seriously), I’m going to be forced to be more conscious about all the nitty gritty stuff that make up a story.

Simply put, this story is about the innocence and wonder of a child that passes onto a mother and the older, the loving bond between a mother and daughter and self-esteem. I love exploring themes about familial bonds and self-esteem because it’s so pure. But this time, I took care to make sure the story actually flowed and not so much on the fancy words. I think it turned out quite nice – let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


L’enfer, C’est Les Autres | Quick Piece Breakdown

Hello everyone,

What an unexpected story after a long hiatus! I hope you enjoyed it!

L’enfer, C’est Les Autres

For starters, the title is French and it means, Hell is other people which was uttered by Jean-Paul Sartre who was the author of the famous, one-act play, No Exit. I haven’t read this play before because I literally just Googled “Famous French Quotes” in order for me to have a striking title that would fit my piece. Despite my ignorance, I suggest that you read it and I will eventually. The phrase is quite fitting for my piece since it deals with “the other person” as “hell”.

In middle school, I had opted to take French instead of Spanish because I loved the sound of it and I wanted to visit France one day. But while I was prepared to eat all the delicious pastries, I wasn’t prepared to digest the tough grammar. Since I went to a small school, everyone who eventually made it to the AP French, I had been with since middle school. As we advanced through French, I got worse at it and I got used to receiving grades dipping into the 30s. Yes, I admit that I had my lazy moments where I refused to study the conjugation patterns. I kept my cool even though other people started to freak out more since I knew how I learned materials best and my learning pace.

The couple of sentences at the beginning of the story were true. Someone had gotten a decent grade and cried over it while I received a reminder that I had to get my lazy-ass up to study. From there, I decided to spiral the story around my annoyance in seeing this reaction over a grade that I would’ve loved to receive. The violent instinct became the epitome of hatred. When you hate something, you typically want it to not exist. While I’m not going to reveal my intended ending, rest assured that the narrator of the story didn’t kill the girl.

The main point of this story is about academics and the short-term or long-term consequences it may have. What if the blond girl had very strict parents who would only allow grades higher than a 90? How come the narrator seemed to feel helpless about how to mediate the low grade? Why is there such unnecessary heavy burden and competition on grades? If education is a privilege, then why does it feel so suffocating at times?

I wanted to invoke a dialogue about education and how to better the aspect of learning where it doesn’t revolve around so much competition and hierarchal goals, but rather, it should involve proper interest and understanding of the education received.

I hope you enjoyed my piece!


Right on Time & Ecstatic Epiphany | Quick Piece Breakdown

Hello everyone,

Long time no see! I hope you enjoyed Right on Time and Ecstatic Epiphany from a couple weeks ago. Since I didn’t post for the last two stories, I thought I would cram them together in this post (that’s a tad too late — sorry!)

Ecstatic Epiphany

As most of you know, when I’m approaching a genre/subject that I’m not comfortable with, I tend to simplify it first before approaching it with further elements. With this story, that’s exactly what I did. Writing romance has never been my strong suit, but pulling real life scenarios and melding them with my imagination helps with constructing a nice story. Simplicity is bliss and that surely rings true throughout this story. You don’t necessarily need an elaborate date (while those are nice too). All you need is genuine time spent with your significant other and everyone will be happy.

Right on Time

This story is a complete 180 from Ecstatic Epiphany since it deals with life’s greatest question. Instead of having the question as is, I decided to combine it into a story about a woman waiting for a train. You would probably think this lady was overthinking the situation, but it was just a quick piece to get my feet back into writing. Even though this story is pretty straight-forward, I want to reiterate the questions I posed in the story:  Is life lived for the moment you collapse into your seat or for waking up early enough to catch the train with adequate time to take a piss? Is life meant to creating priceless relationships with people across states so that even the words good-bye strikes a minor chord in your chest? Is life defined with each pain, each ache and each belly laugh?

What’s your personal definition of life?

I hope you enjoyed the stories! And now that I’m hopefully back on the groove of posting, you can expect Noble Chats on Wednesday, Poetry Breakdown on Thursday and perhaps an Unconfined Thoughts on Friday/Saturday!


Randal | Quick Piece Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope enjoyed my funny little story, Randal! First of all, let me apologize for the bad timing of my posts. Last week, I was traveling so that botched up my schedule a little. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon.

No surprise — this story was inspired by a picture I saw of a duck casually sitting in the toilet. I was also having trouble coming up with a story at that time and when I was aimlessly scrolling, I happened to gaze upon that lovely duck. Voila, a story I never thought I would create, but it’s posted publicly with the starting lines I found a duck in the toilet today.

Personally, I wanted it to be a purely silly story. Instead, it turned into a story with an underlying meaning of “take it easy”. Like a little message to myself, take it easy.

Fun fact: I picked the name, Randal randomly and I was happy that the meaning of the name means, adventurous!

Anyways, I hope you liked my story!