Eleanor | Quick Piece Breakdown


This piece was a lot of fun to write since it was in a genre that was more comfortable for me. It’s full of adventure and self-discovery, a chapter of my life I’m currently going through so I constantly want to write about it.

This story starts off with transportation again. Last week was at the bus stop and this week was at the train station. We meet an important and interesting character immediately and I picture people who have no fear in life constantly wearing the color red. Maybe playing Carmen Sandiego really have a prominent influence on me. The two characters, the older lady and “you” ride the train together, sitting next to each other and learning more about yourself while simultaneously learning about each other. I threw in a lot of surprises that typical older women wouldn’t have such as the abnormal strength. I wanted her to be as abnormal as possible, to be just so full of color that it becomes kind of contagious. The “you” character went from being doubtful and uncertain to embracing herself. There was a glimpse of Eleanor’s past when I wrote about how she took the compliment of being a fearless woman. It indicates that she rose up from a place full of fear before coming to who she is today.

I picked Eleanor as the older woman’s name because when she takes hold of “your” arm, she says something that it close to one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most famous quotes. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I had her say, “Don’t let anyone tell you less.” I didn’t do this intentionally, but I knew that the older woman was a strong woman, risen out of a difficult past to become who she was today. Eleanor fit her perfectly and the entire story as well.

Basically, the moral of this story is that everyone has had their fair share of difficulties whether it was current or past. Just don’t make it any more difficult for them. Help them out by either talking to them and encouraging them like Eleanor or with a simple smile to bring more color and warmth into this world. Also, take the time to find a soft spot in your heart, just something that will automatically make your laugh and cry. The world should be appreciated because after all, we’re living here. Go out and have some adventures like Eleanor or make home seem a little brighter than before. Don’t be afraid!