Time | Saturday Adventures

Compared with my previous adventures, these days aren’t as adventurous. Nevertheless, they’re still adventures! Since I’m on winter break right now; I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been from one house to another for holiday pot-lucks. There’s always a lot of great food going around during the holidays.

This week, we welcomed the new year. The day before the new years was my brother’s 16th birthday which is a big step from the 15th birthday. Turning 16 is a milestone because you’re able to start driving which is a big responsibility. I was looking through our photo albums for a good baby picture of him since I remembered that when he was little, he had the craziest hair. Even now, his hair remained untamed and curly. I found the picture, but I continued flipping through the glossy pages memories clicking into place again. I saw myself with long pigtails and a front tooth missing. I saw myself with a cheeky grin with my screaming brother in my arms. I saw round glasses and tucked in shirts. It seemed like a long time ago when I most certainly lived it. There are pictures to prove it! It’s just a little crazy to think that 16 years ago, my brother was born and nearly twenty years ago, I was born among the millions who entered the world.

Time feels so fleeting, but it’s so tangible. If we sit in awe of the amount of time we’ve been through, we would just lose time. If we forget to take note of how precious time can be, then things would start to lose meaning. Humans are the only species who have this concept of time. On another note, each individual born onto this world has a unique footprint that they’ll leave behind. Who knows what my brother and I will leave behind? We can strive for getting a large and deep footstep, but who will know what life leads us to doing? We’re all so precious and unique that it just doesn’t make sense to compare someone else’s feet with your own. We’ve all been through various things at different points in time, so don’t compare their beginning with your middle. Don’t compare their strength with your weaknesses. In fact, don’t compare yourself with other people because it will only bring you down. Take a step back and look at where you’re are right now and where you’ve come from.

Don’t beat yourself up. You’re still a work in progress!