Four Years | Blog Birthday

The blog’s birthday was May 10th, but I’m behind again, staying true to the original nature of this blog. I created this blog four years ago and it followed the ebbs and flow of my life especially through my college years and boy, did a writer emerge! While I didn’t land a job in the writing field straight out of graduation, I’m still getting my hands involved in ground shaking things particularly with education.


Total posts: 77

A World Around Us: 3

Quick Piece: 18

Quick Piece Breakdown: 17

Poetry Breakdown: 19

Unconfined Thoughts: 9

Noble Chats: 4

Followers: 164 lovely people

Based on the statistics, I’m definitely a lot more poetic! I found a stronger gravitation towards writing poetry to express myself and I’ve written some pretty heart-gripping pieces in my opinion. And that becomes pretty evident in my writing style and storytelling style especially with my constant use of vivid imagery paired with simple plot lines. I took a class on writing style this past year and I learned a lot about sentence branching and became even more aware of how my words and flow of things are affected through the shape of my sentences! I just keep learning more things and I never get tired of them.

This year, I did try a new medium with my own podcasts. It quickly dropped when I realized that I didn’t have a lot of material to talk about and it was hard to maintain writing with words and speaking through a microphone. The idea may have to rest for a little, but don’t give up on seeing different kind of media on this blog yet! The writing world is shifting and I must shift with it! I’ve also started doing my own research on current events and reporting on it. I never really wanted to go down the “journalism” route, but it seems to be working out! I’m really enjoying it. Is it because I have free reign?

All in all, I couldn’t have done it without you avidly reading my posts! Thanks for letting me know when my stories are truly great and when they’re lacking that little spark. Thanks for being so consistent with your interest and letting me know that my work is being appreciated!

Here’s to another year – look forward to more posts!




I turned 22 in January.

This is my journey through my 20s – the most influential period of your life. Last year was the year I solidified my “contract” of being an adult and I asked many of my friends who were above 21 to give me advice. I can say for sure that I tried to embrace myself as a whole and as a result, I’ve become more sassy, more confident and a little more unafraid.

What have I learned while I was 21?

  • Moved from being a junior to a senior and am now preparing for graduation and whatever happens next
  • Loved myself 30% more
  • Dared to walk a little further literally and figuratively
  • Alcohol doesn’t like my body and I don’t like it either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Waking up at 6:30am is a lot better than waking up at 10am

This year, I want to be gently destructive. Sounds a bit counterintuitive.

How can you be gentle and destructive at the same time? Would destructiveness just take over and adding “gentle” is just to compromise? Is Alice trying to be the ultra cool hip and trendy dude?

I like smooshing words together that feel like they don’t belong. It’s the angsty poet in me that’s always screaming for attention. But, I’ve noticed that as I’ve started to develop my identity more, my brash confidence can hurt other people and I would brush it off as “if they don’t need me, then whatever”. Learning about this skill is both dangerous and wonderful after coming from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem. It’s too tiring to be afraid all the time, so it’s a big step to take myself back again. I can’t keep up with this trend and bring everyone who says a word to me down because then I’ll be back where I started, alone. That’s why being 22 is about honing in my newly found confidence and gently merging it with my big heart – gently destructive. I guess I’m destroying my cowering self and making my true self shine.

I’ve also started realizing how much of an impact I have on the world. I can either go with the ebbs and flows of the world or I can cause a spark that will ignite change. Maybe it’s because during my senior year at school, I’ve been more exposed to very real issues like sustainability and injustices surrounding education and corporate action and knowing that I’ll soon be released into the world. I can do something besides furiously taking notes because I won’t be a student anymore! And I have a couple ideas where and how to start. 🙂 Watch out!

Cheers to 22!


Resolutions | January 1, 2018

It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2018! Like I said in my previous reflection post, 2017 was a tough year, but let’s make 2018 a year of forgiveness, love and gentler notions.

Personally, I learned a lot about myself. I say this every year, but this year was more tumultuous with a new relationship starting up and the beginning of adulthood as well as rounding off my undergraduate career. I know with each that passes, it’s going to increase in action and adventure especially this upcoming year as I’m potentially may be moving to another location as I start working, a new chapter in my life. It’s daunting, but I’m looking forward to it.

2018 resolutions:

  1. Be unapologetically myself
  2. Say “thank you” more than “I’m sorry”
  3. Buy more flowers, cakes and enjoy myself more
  4. Limit using social media
  5. See more sunsets
  6. Constant conversation with God
  7. Strengthen my body & mind

Happy new year!

Read last year’s resolutions!

Update | November 9, 2017

Hello everyone,

I’m going to address a couple points right now because I’ve been absent for quite a while again.

  1. I haven’t been writing even in my personal time. The only pieces I’ve written are academic and a angsty poem called, “Fuck You” I’m still finding opportunities to observe and find small beauties in the world, but I haven’t put my pen to paper yet. Why haven’t I been writing? Sometimes I’ve been lazy, but now I’m mostly tired and can’t seem to be able to write something that doesn’t always sound like I’m slamming the world down.
  2. Whenever I have to deal with my anxiety, it comes through as anger now. It becomes irritating when I’m just sitting at my apartment with my lunch and seething in anger. Everyone I look at seems to aggravate me to no end even if they’re not even doing anything. I had to let go of some things this month in order to help solve this issue, but all it did was build up more anger.
  3. Writing has always managed to pull me back up and set my head on straight again, so be prepared for an onslaught of “uncharacteristically angsty” pieces that remind you of the middle school days. If I keep up my anger, then I’m going to be the next Mount Vesuvius. I have been painting to help out, but let’s face it, I’m not a painter! I just love colors.

Look forward to reading “Fuck You” later today!

Thanks for all your understanding! Any recipe, advice or joke would greatly be appreciated! 🙂


Update | August 11, 2017

Hello everyone,

I think I should explain to you all why I’ve been absent for nearly a month.

All is well, I’ve just been very busy in the summer and trying to make the most of my time. I enrolled in three classes to ensure that I would graduate on time and they all finished today, one of which was my internship/capstone class, so you could imagine that I was pretty frantic all month to make sure I had all my pieces assembled. I’m finally finished! All that’s left of my capstone is the presentation that’ll take place in September.

I’ve also been traveling quite a bit, once a month to NYC and on top of that, I also went home just because home allows you to rest your head on the pillow with minimal worries. I’ve also been studying Korean and it’s proven to be a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, but at least I can read the characters now! The next step would be to start to understand what I’m reading and then I’ll move onto speaking.

I’ve also been experimenting with watercolors! I’ve always been fascinated with painting and this past spring, I had actually bought paint supplies and nice brushes and I committed this summer to improving my skills. And what motivated me more was nice outlining pens.

Here’s some of my work:

Casual farm animals and a rocket ship featuring the splatter pain technique

Ponyo from the Studio Ghibli Movie, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea — highly recommend if you want to watch a really sweet movie.

My favorite flower!

Tomorrow I’m going to be heading home and then in a couple days, I’ll be driving down to Orlando, Florida because my close family and extended family will be going to Disney for a week! It’ll be my first time there and I’m as stoked as my 11 year old cousin! On that note, I won’t be able to post anything until I return the weekend before my senior year starts. :O

Hope you all have a good couple of weeks! Thanks for sticking with me!



Three Years | Blog Birthday

On May 10, 2014, I created this blog. Three years (and five days) later, my content has evolved in ways that I never imagined it would. Some things have remained consistent — I’m still writing, but I’ve truly identified what I really love to write that is, flash fiction and poetry. I’ve realized that I want to find a job somewhere in publishing/editing after taking a semester long class developing a school-wide publication. While I still would love to chill and write, an ideal career for me, that’s going to take some time. Yes, I’m still going to keep working on my writing. Yes, this blog is still going to be running. It’s all about stepping stones.


A year ago, I started being more consistent with my posts. This developed into Quick Pieces and I ended up posting 25 flash fiction/short stories accompanied by 23 Quick Piece Breakdown posts. I continued writing Poetry Breakdown and I ended up writing 18 posts. I started Unconfined Thoughts October 2016 to replaced Saturday Adventures to truly express myself. I ended up writing 23 posts, not counting the introduction post.

I’m pretty proud of myself!

I have to say that at first, it was hard to get back into the groove of poetry, but as I continued to write it each week, it flowed nicely. I also realized that my writing style in my flash fiction was transitioning nicely into a good balance between fancy poetic and moving plot. Oh yeah, I changed the design of my blog!

Here’s to another year of blogging and writing!

Thanks for sticking with me! 🙂

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Year 2

First post



I turned 21 in January.

From the day I was born, those who were wiser and older than me gave me gentle guidance as I grew up. It went from “make sure you eat your vegetables so you can grow strong!” to “study harder” and “don’t give up!” In a way, those pieces of advices were like our vegetables. It doesn’t really taste delectable, but it’s required to grow. Sometimes you would hear things you don’t want to, but you knew that it was necessary.

Throughout my life, I’ve met a plethora of people and believe it or not, everyone I’ve met has had some impact on my life. There were some people who were still figuring out where they were, but I was also doing the same so I wasn’t able to offer the appropriate guidance they wanted. There were some people who already figured things out, but to them, all I could offer was a hello, my name is Alice. There were some people who shouted too loud and it hurt my ears and those who spoke too softly and I leaned in too close to try and hear what they were saying. There were some people who laughed with me, gave me hugs when I needed someone and fed me when I couldn’t get out of bed. There were also people who smiled brightly, but poison streamed out of their mouths, but I soon learned who to stray away from. And there were people who taught me how bright life actually was.

I chose to write this blog post honoring my 21st year because I’m well aware of immense changes that come along with it from the beginnings of the search for my future, solidification of my identity and the entrance of the bulk of my twenties. So far, I can surely attest that I certainly feel different with new experiences being thrown my way, but instead of cowering in fear, I’m finally able to stand up straight and look at it straight in the eye. It’s not arrogance, but the ability to see where I’ve come from. I still struggle and I still shake, but I know my strength.

From the day I turned 21, I started asking those who were older than me to share what they had learned from when they were 21. None, some or all may pertain to you and some could contradict for you. I’d like for you to look at each piece of advice as its own, but also carrying the unified theme of becoming 21. Take what you need and leave feeling a little better about yourself.

I want to thank each person who contributed to this wonderful list! 🙂 Thank you for handing me your own wisdom experienced through trial and error to help us embark on our journeys, 21 years old and beyond. While your gesture may appear small, it will be beneficial in the long term.

21 Pieces of Advice:

  1. With greater pain, comes greater reward because failure is a part of life that is to be embraced, felt and concurred.
  2. Always be tenacious and persistent.
  3. Love your dream like you love your family.
  4. Treasure the time you’re given.
  5. You have a voice – a beautiful one that people need to hear.
  6. Keep trying to find yourself and work towards your ambitions even if they’re scary. Adult life doesn’t get easier, so it’s important to stay optimistic and keep your sense of self.
  7. Don’t take things too seriously. It’s okay to not have everything figured out, so be silly!
  8. Once you made a decision, go with it and fight for it, but think one more time before taking action.
  9. Your life may not turn out as you plan now. But it is okay. Trust God for your identity and do your best.
  10. Optimize what you can, but also realize that there will be times you will fail, so you should continue to persevere since God is there with us every step of the way.
  11. When God wills you to do something that you are yourself passionate about, take care not to fuel your work by your own passions rather than by the sole desire to follow God. Righteous and fun things have eternal value; the rests are fleeting vanity.
  1. Take the time to write down things that you have learnt, lest you should miss important lessons about God and about yourself. Do not aim for long passages, sum things up first and write your reasoning afterwards.
  2. Praise God unceasingly.
  3. Be open to plans other than your own; they work out better.
  4. Go into every class, meeting, and interaction with excitement and intent.
  1. It’s okay to be lonely and just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to feel alone. Try and embrace it and spend time doing things that you love.
  2. Try not to force a relationship with someone because it’ll never work that way.
  3. Don’t try to spend too much time trying to please every friend. Sometimes you make other people expect more of you than what you can normally offer because they got used to you pleasing them. Spare your love and gifts for special moments, and share them wisely. Some friends will physically be separated from you but still think of you as a great friend even if they don’t see/talk to you for months, others will start to dislike you when you don’t cling to them all the time. When that is the case (which it is), focus your energy on the former because they give you (and themselves) the biggest space to grow in every way. When you meet this kind of friend again after several months, their growth can astonish you and inspire you, and you can do the same for them.
  4. Drink when you can.
  5. Don’t go to grad school; don’t be afraid of testing out the job market.
  6. Don’t read the comments section and don’t procrastinate in organizing things on your laptop.