It’s Destiny | Poetry Breakdown


I hope all has been well for you!

It’s Destiny

It’s Destiny
Old ladies sit on the paint-peeling porch,
smoke emerging from their rosy lips
followed by the whispers of
what once was
what will be
and what is.
They see all like the Fates
with their darting eyes.
All I can do is duck my head and hope
they don’t unravel my secrets.

A young lady sits on the marbled floor
blood dripping from her fingers,
not a trace of remorse on her face.
Out the window she smells traces of her
something that resembles her mother’s cooking
and tears begin to flow
as her fingers trace 911.

A musician waltzes with himself down the streets
of the damp morning,
oboes and cellos taking his hand
and the timpani grace each step he takes.
All night he spent scribbling down calculations necessary to send a man to moon
only until he plays his jam
did he realize that he rather be the one
going to the moon.

A wise professor quietly steps into his bedroom
only to find the haunting silhouette of another man caressing his wife’s cheek
like he did on their wedding day.
Shocked, he found himself.
Chocking, he grasped his throat.
Collapsing, he met the floor.
A singular thought escaped through his lips
“Of all the questions I’ve answered in classes,
nothing in my studies has prepared me for this.”

I wake at the sound of my alarm
and peer out the window, the cracking of dawn
just appearing over the horizon — a smiling world.
My soul had been sobbing and weeping endlessly,
but I suppose it’s destiny that I find the courage
to embrace the opening dawn.

One of my good friends told me to put 100% into my writing, so here’s a nod to that – highly creative and full of imagery, a little shocking, but with good intentions. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Basically this poem is about embracing life from the complexities, complications to the simplest notions. I start with old ladies because when I was walking back to my place, I saw that these old ladies were always out on their porch. I found it peculiar because it was a college neighborhood where everyone is a college student or of that age, so it’s quite a sight when you see someone who isn’t your age or the professor’s age. I also thought that they would be the best fit to represent wisdom and experience.

From there, I describe a crazy incident (not going to say what, so use your imagination) and the lady turning herself in, a student who realizes what he wants to do and then a professor who got his heart broken in the worst way possible. All these scenarios have more to them obviously such as whether or not the lady was forced to cause the crazy incident or if the relationship between the professor and his wife was strained. There’s a bizarre sense of liberation and loss of control at the same time.

Finally, a connection to the reader and I do this by using I. You can be that I or it could just be me talking to you. It’s up to you and how you interpret it. Dawn represents the start of something new and fully embracing it. Changes are imminent, but you just need to adapt to them.

Thanks for reading!



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