Three Years | Blog Birthday

On May 10, 2014, I created this blog. Three years (and five days) later, my content has evolved in ways that I never imagined it would. Some things have remained consistent — I’m still writing, but I’ve truly identified what I really love to write that is, flash fiction and poetry. I’ve realized that I want to find a job somewhere in publishing/editing after taking a semester long class developing a school-wide publication. While I still would love to chill and write, an ideal career for me, that’s going to take some time. Yes, I’m still going to keep working on my writing. Yes, this blog is still going to be running. It’s all about stepping stones.


A year ago, I started being more consistent with my posts. This developed into Quick Pieces and I ended up posting 25 flash fiction/short stories accompanied by 23 Quick Piece Breakdown posts. I continued writing Poetry Breakdown and I ended up writing 18 posts. I started Unconfined Thoughts October 2016 to replaced Saturday Adventures to truly express myself. I ended up writing 23 posts, not counting the introduction post.

I’m pretty proud of myself!

I have to say that at first, it was hard to get back into the groove of poetry, but as I continued to write it each week, it flowed nicely. I also realized that my writing style in my flash fiction was transitioning nicely into a good balance between fancy poetic and moving plot. Oh yeah, I changed the design of my blog!

Here’s to another year of blogging and writing!

Thanks for sticking with me! 🙂

Year 1

Year 2

First post



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