Reflective Trap | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

Sorry about the inconsistencies. It’s the final stretch for this semester, so I’m trying to stay on top of my assignments.

Reflective Trap

“hey” you say as you continue staring at your phone,
the light illuminates your tired face
as you continue scrolling through your feed.

I respond “what are you doing?”
but it’s obvious –
you’re escaping, escaping
from a world that wants to tears you down
but you can’t help but open up your feeble arms to it.

You shrug and finally look up, the pupils of your eyes
dilating as you focus onto me.
I’m like your saving point, a brief distraction
from the world’s judging eyes.
I wonder what’s in your mind.
Do you remember the guy’s name, that guy who sat behind you in high school?
Do you remember your first best friend who slowly became just your acquaintance?
Do you remember your first kiss, a gateway to a new beginning and a closed door
to everything simple?

Our eyes lock and the questions flow together,
a reverberation
a reflection
a moment of bittersweetness.

And you go back to your phone
and I pull mine out as well.

Do you think you could go an hour without your phone or laptop? a day? a week? an entire month? Most people can do an hour or even a day, but when it comes to a longer period of time, it becomes a hinderance. You can claim, it’s the only way my family and friends can contact me or my job requires me to be constantly on call or the only thing I would probably need is my email or even how am I supposed to know what’s going to happen in the world?

I could say that phones should only be used as a tool and not as something much of entertainment or you may argue that phones are an excellent way to stay updated with current events. Yet, I think we all agree that it would be helpful to everyone if we didn’t rely on our phones as much, as something that starts to interfere with our normal lives, as something that we can’t see life without. That’s when it becomes problematic. The same thing with social media, that’s a tricky one because companies are now using social media as a tool to reach people and advertise their products. It’s also a source of judgement and false information if used incorrectly.

In my poem, I wanted to give an image of a scene that we probably see or regularly do on a daily basis. There’s nothing inherently bad about it, but there’s a fine line with ethics about what this could be because it isn’t good either. (I’ve been mentioning ethics a lot probably because of my writing classes.) Basically what I wanted to get at is, don’t be so dependent on your phone or laptop. Remember to stop and slow down every once in a while.

Thanks for reading!



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