Little Did We Know, More We Can Do | The World Around Us

This is the final installment from my project, but I plan on writing more about current events and my opinions. 

There is little that we knew of what will become of this election and even less now that the unexpected has occurred. With a gaping wound at our side, we know what we should do and that is to patch up the wound and prevent any more red from spilling and leaking without knowing. He may sit up top with his suits dry cleaned to perfection and the words coming out of his mouth never believable, but the masses potentially have a strong force against him. Rather than using our strength in numbers to throw him off, we should reunite ourselves since it is pretty evident that we were never united in the first place. Just as it takes some time for wounds to heal, it will take time for the country to be able to call itself the United States of America.


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