Mountaintop Sunrise | Quick Piece Breakdown

Mountaintop Sunrise

I wrote this piece at 3 in the morning when I was hit with a bought of insomnia. Surprise! I didn’t write about sleep. Instead, I wrote about a break-up in a relationship paralleled with rediscovery. When I was forming the story, I had no idea where I was going with it, but the more I wrote, the more direction I had.

Basically, this story follows a guy named Gabe who had recently broken up with his girlfriend and it really affected him. There was the questionable methods of if Gabe was going to try and win her back and as the story progressed,  he didn’t attempt to pursue her again since he recognized his faults in the relationship and doesn’t think that she would want him back. The story follows a series of flashbacks leading up to the decision of Gabe fulfilling Melly’s wishes to see the sunrise from the mountains. It’s a simple notion of being a couple and sharing dreams which was what separated them.

At the end of the story, Gabe hears a voice that could either be Melly or an indication of him moving on. To be honest, I wrote it with Melly in mind.

I really enjoyed writing this piece because not only was it very emotional, it was a good balance between plot, dialogue and description. I built up more on this story based on my experience with a mountaintop sunrise. Last summer, I had the chance to go to Acadia, Maine with my family and climb Cadillac mountain and watch the sun rise. We were at the same level of the sun rising so it was gorgeous.

A better view of the sunrise including the islands

Well, I hope you enjoyed this story!




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