Mansion | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone!

I hope spring is kind upon you! We’ve been having snow up here so far.


There’s this type of emptiness
that echoes in the chambers of my heart.
It rings loudly of mistrust and betrayal;
a tell tale sign of my troubled past.

And off I went, doing only what I knew.
Building walls that were topped with spikes
but leaving a sign in the front and old furniture that read
Free! Take Some!

People would try to peek and see what I was guarding
so I whispered to my luscious plants
(mostly to myself)
“We don’t need anything else except what has been given”

Until you came in and said hello not to pass the time
or to wait for a better option.
You said hello and waited upon my response.
“Hello” I said.

I hesitated to call you friend, but found resonance in my soul
as you pointed out that my plants were on the verge of death.
I hesitated to call you true, but found recognition in my mind
as you fixed my faulty gates and I allowed you beyond the boundaries.
I hesitated to call you as yourself when you accidentally dug too deep
as you were pulling out the weeds, preparing my yard for flowers.

There’s this type of fullness
that rings in the chambers of my heart.

This poem is written as an ode to everyone who has difficulties trusting people due to circumstances that have happened in their life whether it be a betrayed friendship, someone blowing you off or someone losing something of yours. Whatever it was, it hurt you.

I decided to use the metaphor of a house to illustrate trust with gates being the physical manifestation of trust, closing and pushing things away. The plants could be your personality or your experiences because they require proper care in order for it to thrive. In the second stanza, the narrator mentioned free furniture. That could either represent people taking what isn’t necessary from me for themselves or the narrator is able to put on a facade on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a different story.

Things start to change when the narrator meets someone and they literally and figuratively begin to break down the walls and earn their trust. The narrator thinks they’re doing well, but in reality, they aren’t but that someone is able to care for them and help them get better and changing them for the better. Sooner than later, the narrator begins to trust that someone even after many trials and errors including critic, hence the pulling out the weeds to prepare for flowers.

In the final line and stanza, it’s clear that the narrator is finally content with themselves, the ultimate goal because of how I paralleled it with the first stanza. It signifies a journey with a solid beginning and conclusion.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this poem!

Stay warm,



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