A Sense of Falsehood | Quick Piece Breakdown

A Sense of Falsehood

About a year ago, I asked my friend what I should write about and he posed “fake”. I tried to write on this subject, but it always came out too straight forward for my liking, so I kept it in the back of my head. When I decided to write the story for this week, I found my inspiration.

This story revolves around a woman named Dawn and her boyfriend named Nate. On the first glance, they seem like a compatible pair, but things kind of change towards the end of the story when Nate doesn’t completely console Dawn and Dawn doesn’t even want to communicate with Nate. Their truest selves only emerged not with each other but rather when they’re by themselves.

I wanted the message of this story to revolve around the title, a sense of falsehood. We’ve all had moments when we weren’t our complete selves. Personally, I only show my true self to those I’m very comfortable with and I don’t really feel the need to show it to professors or acquaintances of mine. I guess it’s because I think that there are aspects of myself that would be more appropriate to be known when we’ve reached a level of trust. Yet, people who aren’t aware that I do this or don’t catch on to this may think of me with some level of arrogance, almost as if I’m holding something back only for myself. This is also something that we could keep in mind when meeting someone for the first time. It’s interesting how first impressions are and are not the best representation of someone, but we’ll talk more in depth about this another time.

What do you think? Are there moments when you have a sense of falsehood more so than other times? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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