Red and Blue | The World Around Us

At first, I didn’t want to watch the election unfold with my excuses being that it would be too crowded in the lecture hall and I had work to do, but it spiraled into not wanting to see the country unfold into the hands of a troubled leader who consistently announced discrimination and separation. I knew that when I filled out my ballot, I knew that I had done the right thing, but when it came to the entirety of the future, the “what if” hung in front of me and it was too loud, too terrifying, too unstable. My best friend urged me to go because something like this happens once every four years. I whispered this to myself and found myself at disbelief that the country is constantly uncertain every four years. It felt like an unhealthy relationships where we consistently break up with our partners or vice versa. Why can’t we have a happy marriage?
I sat with my friends and we watched the election unfold. We continued to laugh, but our laughter turned somber as too many states turned red rather than blue. The numbers made no sense to us and we hung to a small thread of hope, but the thread was snipped near the end of the night when we realized what the future may hold. I left when it was clear that the numbers and colors were shouting his name. Even while I was home and away from the banter of the students, I checked the rising and unchanging numbers. I saw the fear that has been built up in people starting to bubble up, but I simply closed my eyes and waited for the new day to fall upon me.
After the night passed by, I opened my eyes and looked at the headlines with disbelief I never wanted to experience. One family was triumphant, but many other families felt torn. This wasn’t what we expected; yet it became the truth. I sauntered over to Tumblr and saw my feed full of people full of fear, uncertain about their future, uncertain about their lives and uncertain about what to do. We cried out, but it was too late. A couple months ago, we were laughing and impersonating our future president without realizing it. The further I scrolled and read, the more hatred I saw seeping through the letters, bleeding red and hot.


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