Entrance | The World Around Us

Each week, I’ll be posting a little segment of my opinions of what is happening in the United States. These were written in December 2016 for a class assignment and I felt like I shouldn’t neglect what’s in front of us right now, but to have it be known. This is the first of four installments. 


When Kanye West announced that he planned on running for presidency in 2020, we laughed and whispered among ourselves, but loudly enough so that others can hear. We whispered that there was no way this would be probable, but granted how things were going, we wouldn’t mind. He would be doing a better job anyways.

When Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for presidency in 2016, we laughed and whispered, “There’s no way that this will happen.” Little did we know, the imminent future that will affect us all whether we liked it or not. We knew he wouldn’t get very far because the other candidates seemed more probable. Little did we know that this wasn’t the case. His bizarre and radical announcements shocked us, but we weren’t shaken because we had a feeling that he wouldn’t get very far. We turned him into memes, highlighting his old age and wispy hair. We impersonated him because of how much he stood out and how little he appeared to know. As time progressed, we realized how serious he was, but we remained the same. People drifted to sides as candidates began to drop out. From the sidelines, I had a feeling that this was too bizarre to participate in, so I went back to my homework and finished it. My roommate was invested in Bernie Sanders and even after he lost the nomination, she still stood by him. As the year went by, signs and bumper stickers started appearing. Every time a Trump sticker or sign appeared, she would wrinkle her nose and walk away but when there was a Hilary sign, no response would be elicited, but after it was certain that Hilary would be the Democratic nominee and Trump would be the Republican nominee, she would whisper her support.

The two extremes stood opposing each other and while some were for her and some were for him, others would see them as mirror images, causing too much fear and uncertainty for the future of our country.


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