In the Moment | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing well!

In the Moment

I wish I could be swept away
through the bright, white clouds and
up into the massive blue sky, never looking back
and never holding tight.
The breeze in my face, so I close my eyes
and lie back onto a pillow of nothingness.

I wish I could be stagnant when you are by my side
with just the sound of your voice and your gentle
“I care for you a lot.”
Nothing more, nothing less –
everything expected.

I wish I could dive right in
to the clear blue sea with the manta rays
and grey dolphins keeping me company.
Feeling invincible, like a ruler of all –
nothing dragging me behind
so I can keep going.

I wish I could hold you tighter when we’re together
so that time has nowhere to go and all it can do is stop.
My arms circle around you and I feel your heart
reverberate through my chest –
nothing in between us.

This poem is full of wishful thinking with the narrator wanting something they can’t really have. When I wrote it, I wanted it to be relatable but personal at the same time. Each stanza rotates around a dream-like state and a scene with someone with a sense of longing in each stanza. The meaning behind this poem is actually pretty similar to another poem I wrote called, “Natsukashii” — check it out if you haven’t read it already!

The first stanza was a lot of fun to right because I used to have this reoccurring dream where I would be flying around. I loved it so much that I would construct my daydreams around them, so that I could continue flying around. I wanted this stanza to give a sense of freedom through flight and as every student wants, some adequate time for rest. The second stanza is a reassuring moment with someone. I tried to pay close attention to physical attributes to make people more dynamic in my writing and I think I captured it well. Also, like previous poems, I’m not going to delve too deep in this poem because of the personal relations with it. 🙂

In the third stanza, it’s about diving into the ocean. When you submerge underwater, have you ever felt a sense of quietness that comes over you, like a silence that only you hear? It’s the type of peace that’s very soothing and with these majestic creatures of the sea, it makes you feel kind of fearless. Personally, I’ve never scuba dived before nor have I seen manta ray or dolphins up close. If you have, please share your experience with me!

Have you ever had a moment that was so great that you never wanted it to end? That is exactly why I wrote this poem and why I gave it the title, “In the Moment” because rather than constantly dwelling on these moments, live and make some more!

Thanks for reading!



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