A Slice of Cake | Quick Piece Breakdown

A Slice of Cake

When you think of a slice of cake, happy thoughts would usually flood your mind. I decided to take a spin on a simple idea and flip it. What if you got sad thoughts from eating cake? What would be the cause for the sadness? As I continued writing it, more ideas started flowing in. Have you ever noticed that you would eat cake on special occasions and then transition to eating cake whenever? It’s an interesting concept of adulthood and simply eating something as enjoyable as cake.

In this story, I wanted to include three memories that had bittersweet connotations. The first instance was the narrator’s memory of going to his grandmother’s house to have cake, but not going there anymore because of a dispute between the grandmother and the mother, so every time the narrator eats the particular cake, he’s reminded (or forced to) of his grandmother as well as that things can be too temporary. The second instance was an interesting one to construct because I didn’t want it to be too lengthy, but at the same time, have enough substance to evoke emotion. It was basically about peer-pressure and the narrator’s friends started bullying this girl for her size as the narrator looked on, doing just as much damage. He’s forever haunted by a simple choice he could’ve made, but instead, chose not to.

The third instance was about a strong friendship that fades away. It’s obvious that Lisa has some sort of influence on Cameron’s life since they were already studying together and would hang out together. I would have put more indications on their friendship, but I ran out of time. When Lisa transferred school, they lost touch and when Cam looked back, he felt very regretful. At the end, he doesn’t regret each memory that much anymore. Instead, he is appreciative on the fact that he is able to learn and reflect on the memories.

Have you ever had a revelation moment or do you have any regrets that you wish you can let go?

Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

I hope you enjoyed the piece!



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