Supernova | Quick Piece Breakdown


If you knew that you were going to die within 24 hours, what would you do? This statement randomly popped into my head and it sparked this story. I talked to my friend about this question and from there, I built a story about what would happen. It was a pretty interesting story to construct and in my opinion, I felt like it was one of my better pieces.

Throughout the piece, I really wanted to emphasize the theme of taking chances and making the best out of everything. Sometimes we can get too comfortable in our lives and it gets a little boring and monotonous. It sounds a little cheesy, but if you have an attitude about life where you live each day as your last, then I think you would approach life a little differently. I wanted to make this theme clear because I’m in that stage of my life, early 20s, when I can pretty much do anything and I have the opportunities laid out in front of me. I just need to take it rather than letting those opportunities slide.

This story revolves around Jay who has a good relationship with his family, enjoys his job and is satisfied with where he’s at in life. It’s only when things get shaken up does he see things for their worth. He doesn’t really delve into how he may die or if he may die, but that he doesn’t have much time left and he should take full advantage of it. In contrast, his sister starts thinking about the logistics of the text, but he gets straight to the point. Are you the sister of the story or are you Jay?

I decided on the title, Supernova because from what I remembered in my astronomy class, a supernova is an explosion of a star towards the end of its life. The death of a star is gradual build up where the star begins to expand until all the gases cause the star to collapse onto itself and explode as shown in the picture I put for the quick piece. Originally, I had One Day as the title, but that felt too typical. To me, a supernova would be a grand and interesting way to end. I’m not romanticizing death, but the opposite – I’m making life known more.

In this story, I noticed that I was trying to find a good balance between describing every little detail to only fulfilling what the plot needed and I think I found that balance. It just takes me a little longer to plan and construct the syntax of each sentence. Yet, another issue arises – I’m having trouble truly developing the characters in my short stories to be more dynamic and realistic. This is what I think of my writing even though I am my biggest critic. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


PS. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you find the time to appreciate others that you love and admire as well as yourself! 🙂


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