Unconfined Thoughts 21 – Privacy

What you are about to read is private – from the inner folds of my mind to the desires of the flesh. I warn you to proceed with caution, but don’t think of me any different. From wishful thinking, they became reality. From reality, they become my carefully sculpted words that are able to connect a group to a singular idea and at the same time, contain me.
My stoic nature of my star sign speaks its truth as I walk down the streets with the lyrics you were the shadow to my light echo in my mind. I don’t give a fuck at all and no one can change it. If someone were to walk in my way, I wouldn’t shift my shoulders and adjust my feet. My body would barrel through yours and before you could shout “Hey bitch, watch where you’re going!” you would regret all good choices that you’ve chosen.
My title I earned when I was seven of being called the quiet girl rings true as I learn how to care for the first time. My hands shake from all the pushups I’ve done just to support the weight of your soul, quite possibly temporarily, most certainty for a specific amount of time. The countdown has begun from the beginning, but I continue to fill each divot with my whispers and kisses and hope that any word and each word has the ability to melt the ice.
My brows quiver as I watch the pair sing a duet, their voices melding together like a successful marriage. You approach with an open mind and slow gait, but I start to run as fast as I can and hold myself close whispering “This is what I can do and what I shall only cherish.” Yet at the moment you throw up your arms in exasperation, I fly to you only with wings I just learned how to use.
Your soft eyes and the dimly lit screen are alluring, so I lean forward but my knees begin to shake. Without warning, I’m collapsing and all of the sudden I find myself falling into the hole that I dug for myself. I see pointing arms and mocking familiar faces and when my breath leaves me, my value escapes from the cage like a trapped canary to rest in the palm of your hands.
What you have just read are a series of words and sentences that don’t appear to contain any meaning except to the creator. I dare you to inquire about each paragraph. I dare you to break the barriers and invade every aspect since I’ve already laid it down in front of you. I am contained with these truths that appear as a lie and hyperbole, but I assure you that I’ve made it evident in a dozen pieces that the words in the page are my honest voice with just enough space to delete what I deem wrong. Consider it a privilege to witness my life and witness the chaos slowly unfolding in front of you as I take that time to sort it out.

Started: 2/3/17 1:54pm

Finished: 2/5/17 1:40am


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