Unconfined Thoughts 20 – Faded

I am like that empty cup on the sidewalk, served its purpose and left to roll around with the wind like a waltz with the dead. I’m like the plastic bag, served its purpose and still revealing what I stood for but instead, I carefully drift away from paths once walked. I am like the forgotten notebook carefully balanced under the chair with scrawled notes, but no clear indication of current usefulness. I am like your footsteps and your tired gait, wanting desperately for something more to crack a smile once again, but it’s even a struggle to falsify it. I am like the slur of vocals against arpeggios that somehow lift my hopelessness up and grant me temporary wings. The constant pulsing begins to imitate my determined heart, so I pick up speed. I am like the many cracks on your hands. I am like the wavering speech. I am like the striking wind. I whisper, “Will we ever be properly visible or always faded?”

Written: 2/3/17 1:51pm


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