A World for You | Quick Piece Breakdown

A World for You

Yes, another story about insomnia and sleep! For some reason, I find it really interesting (and aggravating) that I find the need to write about it. This story is basically a story about a guy who explores the world around him and finds peace in the night, drawing him to sleep.

The story takes place at a sleep away camp and the main character, Dan is getting out of bed and snooping around when his cabin-mates are going to bed. I made sure to personify sleep and the night to make it seem more realistic. Dan is a peculiar and curious character and I wanted to give him a sense of innocence that makes insomnia seem harmless. Basically in this piece, I romanticized insomnia just because I thought it would be fun and I haven’t written a story with dialogue in a while.

Dan encounters an owl and has a conversation with it. It would be up to you if he could understand the owl or if it was his imagination. Quite frankly, I like the idea of Dan being able to understand the owl. He only returns back to the cabin when the camp counselors go to bed and when he finally gets to bed, one of his cabin-mates wakes up, but he doesn’t pay any attention to him. It’s almost as if he had earned a night of sleep. Throughout the piece, I had the voices in his mind have a very prominent feature and in the first exchange, Dan stands up to the voices. At this point, the voices represent doubt, but the second time the voices speak, Dan gives into the voices, so the voices represent reason.

Overall, this piece was a lot of fun to write. Thanks for reading!




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