Besides | Quick Piece Breakdown


Hey, I’m really sorry about late posts and lack there of! Since class started, my schedule is never really consistent. Because of this, I’m going to try and write posts ahead of time and schedule them so I’ll never miss a post and you’ll get what I write.

Alright, here’s to the breakdown.

This piece is darker than most of my other pieces. It doesn’t quite end on a happier note with a solid resolution, but this piece is the raw and honest truth about a portion of people’s minds. It’s quite violent and it’s as if I’m romanticizing the act of violence. Think of it this way – have you ever had those thoughts pop up into your mind and startle you? You’re taken aback and you say to yourself oh I would never do such a thing! That’s true for most of the case, so what I’ve written is basically an illustration of these thoughts – no filter.

In the next paragraph, it’s a response to what your thoughts would be if someone told you that those thoughts (first paragraph) runs through your mind. There’s a slight sense of fear, but if you knew the person, you would be confident that they would never act on those thoughts. Here’s where my title choice comes in. Besides is defined as apart from. Those thoughts are apart from who you normally are and they don’t necessarily define you, but are just a small portion of you. It’s okay to have these thoughts. It’s not okay when you start acting on them and then it becomes a separate issue.

I hope you enjoyed!



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