Unconfined Thoughts 18 – Give & Take Away

Have you ever met someone and your heart ached for them? Their story was so tragic; it felt like it was too carefully constructed to destroy every aspect of their lives. Every part of their lives was colored with heartbreak, loss, guilt and doubt when all they wanted to do was color the emptiness with love, hope and peace. I feel like I always enter their lives during the time when they are just rising from it and I’m at the time when I’m starting to fall. Like a teeter-totter, we somehow balance each other out, cautiously holding each other’s pain in our hands. Whenever I hear about your pains, I want to try and give you what you need. If I could, I would give you everything that you needed so that you don’t ever have to get hurt again, but the world isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect and things don’t fit so perfectly like that. We’re forced to go through the world feeling our own heartaches, witnessing other heartaches and walk together, trying our best to give and not be taken down by the world.

Written: 1/16/17 2:05am


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