A Quiver in Reality | Quick Piece Breakdown

A Quiver in Reality

This piece is about a walk someone takes when they notice something off, but they can’t identify what it is. It could be taken figuratively or literally. When I thought about what to write about for this week, I looked through a list I made on my phone that has a bunch of random occurrences that I could spin a story out of and one of them was when I felt a cold blast of wind followed by a warm blast of wind. It really baffled me, so I decided to transform it into a supernatural occurrence. If there’s anyone out there well versed in science, please tell me what I experienced!

I’ve noticed that my writing has taken a turn to mashing my poetic voice into longer pieces and they give me the opportunity to really explore my voice and play around with words, but it doesn’t really help with developing the skill for appealing to readers rather than writers. With that being said, I’m going to be more conscious with what I’m going to write and eventually evolve to combine these writing traits, so any other writers out there please help me out with this!

Alright, enough about me – onto the story.

This story starts off with an attempt to normalize the abnormality with the different students wearing random costumes on Halloween as if that were the only thing that could be weird about the situation, but it’s just a normal day for the narrator. Along comes a “quiver in reality” or just a strange breeze that causes the narrator’s day to take a slight and new turn. It really makes the narrator self-conscious, but in the end, they learn to accept it and move on.

There are a lot of ways to interpret what the “quiver in reality” could be. It could be an unexpected change. It could actually be a random shift in atmosphere pressure such as with my personal accounts. It could mean that in the future, something will happen, but all in all, it’s never something that you could truly prepare for.  This story has a strong tone of what to do when negativity arises and oftentimes you’re left alone, but you just have to learn to move forwards.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!




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