Are We in the Woods Yet? | Quick Piece Breakdown

Are We in the Woods Yet?

When I’m not writing, I’m looking for moments and little snippets of life that I can capture into writing. In the case of this piece, it was completely true and I’m the narrator. With moments like these, they really bring light to the world and I knew for sure that I wanted to write about it, so I took my time with it. Writing is an art medium, so in order to “paint” the right picture, “sculpt” the right emotions or “design” the right characters, I need time, but these pieces are the ones I enjoy writing the most.

This piece is basically about four people in a car and the narrator witnessing two best friends jamming to Taylor Swift. With an idea as simple as this, you can construct many situations whether or not it stays true to what happened, it expands on the idea or the path completely changes to your will.

In this piece, I really wanted to emphasize the narrator’s feelings as well as what they saw and the assumed bond and enjoyment of the two friends. There isn’t much depth to this piece which is why this piece may appeal more to those who have shared this memory and writers because it doesn’t quite carry a plot only beautiful sentence structures. It does carry the theme of friendship through the narrator’s witnessing and the two friends jamming to Taylor Swift and I’ve mentioned this in a post before, but I mainly write about pieces that carry the theme of friendship, loneliness and rediscovery maybe because they’re prominent in my life.

Thanks for reading!

Stay warm,



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