Resolutions | January 1, 2017

Hello everyone and happy new year!

We made it to 2017!

2016 was a crazy year for the world and for me, it wasn’t actually that bad. I grew closer with my friends and I started to figure out more things about myself. It’s like I’m on a rocket ship and the prior years were all about building the rocket and making sure everything is running properly. In flight, you’ll always have to make adjustments but you’re finally blasting off. Heck, you may need to change your course a couple of times to make sure you avoid that astroid or smash into that planet. Sometimes a passenger would accidentally eat a cookie and crumbs would get everywhere, clogging the mechanics, but it’s all okay. Cookies remain great and things will be fixed whether or not via having another cookie (that’s specifically made for space) or cleaning things up.

To those of you who have protested about 2016, welcome to 2017! You made it and here’s the given opportunity to make things better. Hold onto your loved ones and make sure your loved ones know that they are loved especially by you. Shake off what made 2016 so terrible and welcome 2017 with open arms. The past is left behind and what carries you forward are lessons learned.

2017 Resolutions:
1. Live in the moment.
2. Don’t spread myself thin – Love myself.
3. Laugh more and often.
4. Be in awe like a child.
5. Constant dialogue with God.
6. Don’t forget about those who have impacted your life.

By putting these out there, I’m allowing you to keep me accountable. Based on last year’s list, I feel like I lightly touched on them, so for this year, I want to be more conscious of it and make a deep impact with my resolutions. I have a feeling this is going to be a year full of dynamism well, because I graduate from college the next year (semester by the time I write the next resolutions post) and learning about independency even more.

Here it goes!




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