Unconfined Thoughts 15 – Rivers and Lakes

Everyone who lives in the city is fully knowledgeable that when it rains it pours. The rain boots immediately go on, umbrellas are whipped out and our heads are lowered into the pouring rain. Lakes are formed where holes once were and you could peer into them and wonder if a world exists by itself. En route to class, unless you don’t have rain boots, you would have to leap or take an alternative muddy path to make it forward. Rivers cascade down the streets and for a second, you’re mesmerized until you realized all the elements of the city that have come to participate with this “natural wonder” hence the slope of the street, the accumulation of the precipitation and the fact that I had to walk through the river just to sit in class or to maybe get food. While my friends are worth wet shoes and socks, sometimes class would be pushing it and there would be times when I weighed walking through lakes and rivers and being present in class or staying where I was with my dry socks and comfortable where I was. Everyone who lives in the city, especially the students and especially me, despises the rain.

Written: 12/29/16 6:03pm


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