Mind Slice | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,
I hope you’re doing well!

Mind Slice

I present to you a small slice of my mind
where there is no congruity with my wants and needs.
In text, it may appear significantly sophisticated
using the right tenses and words to piece together
something quite tangible.
In reality, I’m a rolling conundrum
with no answer in sight.

In my dreams, I traverse towards mountain-high waterfalls
my shaky legs, evident, but my mind remains strong
especially in slumber.
My mother by my side, her words carrying me on
instead of forcing me to awaken my emotions.
With each step we take, our face gets sprayed with the waterfall
until I enter a small room.

Women who I’ve seen throughout my life
appear to be sleeping over.
Someone over there is already sleeping, I think that’s my roommate.
Someone is brushing her teeth, the bristles of the brush sounding familiarity
and reminding me that that’s something I have to do.
Dental hygiene, right?
Machine gun fire and I see red
that were once the women in my life.

A small whisper besides me warns me about
“A child. Don’t let them come in.”
I obey.
A child slips in through the large French doors
and I herd it around the room, seeing sleeping faces
bundled and comfortable. A part of me wishes the child to stay, but
I’m just doing what I was told.

Until I saw you, I thought I was crazy
but after you acknowledged me with toothpaste in my mouth
I really knew that my dreams are trying to tell me something.
Dental hygiene, right?
Trying to relive disillusionment?
Is it that I miss you or I need you?
There is no congruity with my wants and needs.

I wake up and sense that calamity has resumed
and push my covers off me, but the images of my subconscious
betray me as the only image I have left
is your disproportioned body.
It’s too late to add onto my dreams
because that would be a lie.

This poem was inspired by a dream I had last night and it was so vivid, but random that I had to write about it. Whenever I had a dream that I can remember, I always make sure to write them down because they get interesting and just like this one, it happened in different segments that somehow blended together. You may notice as you’re reading this poem that my style is a little different and it is because I was experimenting with my tone, style and voice.

The first stanza is basically the narrator warning the reader about how spontaneous this is going to get. It’s from the mind that was never coherent, so be warned if any of it doesn’t make sense. The mind is also very flexible so be prepared for a wild ride.

The first part of my dream took place in nature and I was walking along this bridge with my mom and since I’m scared of heights, it was reflected in my dream although walking that close to a waterfall wouldn’t something I would casually do. It would take a lot of coaxing. 🙂

The second part of my dream or the third stanza was quite bizarre because I was suddenly in a room full of women, those of which are either my friends from elementary school or college. It was unusual for all of them to be in one room, in some sort of sleepover. The last line of the stanza takes a turn for the worse and I remember being very afraid and dodging all of the bullets and wondering what was happening.

Then, almost as if nothing had happened, someone next to me told me to watch out for a wandering child. At this point in my dream, I had very minimal thought process. Maybe because I was starting to wake up or it was just so weird that my mind just kind of accepted it, yet it was the most vivid portion of my dream. I remember clearly thinking “What will a child do?” I think I got it out of the room, I don’t really remember.

In the next stanza, a very familiar face appeared and it confused me because that person was the odd one out and they appeared a lot shorter than they usually are so in my mind, I was trying to confirm if it was actually them. From there, I blended reality and dreams until it honestly got a little confusing.

In the end, it’s about what you do with your dreams and how you make of them. While this one was really crazy, there are things that you can take away from it whether it be how you see other people to who is really important in your life and how you truly are.

Well, thanks for reading!

Stay toasty,



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