Moonlight Sonata | Quick Piece

The night wasn’t letting me rest. For the last two hours, I battled with it, trying to negotiate a time through my closed eyes to let the night give me rest. I groaned and tossed and turned to my side, hoping to find a comfortable spot, but through my eyes, a silver light shone and sparked my curiosity. Like a diamond in the sky, the moon shone through my blinds and I was left speechless and I forgot about my battle with night. I let the night bask me in its beauty and I watched it dance with the trees, twirling around its arms like a lover on the side. I listened to the lullaby it sang to the city, drawing the usually active city into slumber and I was its witness of its handiwork. Even under my attempts of my own handiwork, it appeared dull and grey when in reality, it was a bright beacon of brilliance. It casted a shadow of myself, how others may see me, how I would see myself on my apartment walls and as honored as I felt to lay witness to this sight, I felt myself blending into the shadows and becoming anonymous. In my new anonymous status, I accepted defeat with the night and felt myself slip away into myself and into the picturesque world that I had a privilege to take part in.


One thought on “Moonlight Sonata | Quick Piece

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