Christmas Lights | Quick Piece Breakdown

Christmas Lights

Hello everyone!

I just finished all of my finals, wrapped up my fall semester and said good bye to my friends. I hope you enjoyed this piece! It was a lot of fun to write.

In this story, I wanted to play with the idea of the tangible Christmas lights and how they look nice in the dark and how that can also symbolize hope and empowerment. In fact, I was inspired by my own Christmas lights I put up in my room since I wanted to spruce things up and with daylight savings, it gets darker a lot quicker.

This story circulates around a woman who is unnamed for relatability and in the beginning of the piece, she has a boring life with no love life, regular work pace and a dark apartment. Everything seemed to be monotonous and filled with darkness, but it wasn’t so dark that it hindered her. She simply got used to it as we usually do during this time of the year. I kept these paragraphs short because it really showed how uneventful her life was. I also added the nuance of the pile of dirt falling from her shoe because I thought it would be funny and it represents a slight disturbance to her life as you will see in the later paragraphs. Then, the paragraph starts begin filled with her own thoughts of doubt and wonder.

In the final and the longest paragraph, this is when the most change happens to the woman. Basically, there is a chain of events which forces her to stop several times at the local drug store and buying Christmas lights and seeing her good friend John again. She becomes nostalgic and after putting up the lights, she realizes that she is capable of change. The ending of the story is a little ambiguous about the relationships between the woman and John, but in whatever way you prefer, it will be up to you. 🙂

Thank you for reading this story!

Stay warm,



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