Unconfined Thoughts 14 – A Moment of Stillness

In the cold, we sat side by side and we reverberated warmth through our silence and awe of the quiet autumn. The waves rippled in the translucent lake beating against the patient and wise rocks and our soft murmur repeated the wishes of the gentle lake. And slowly, but surely the sun started to nestle itself against the mountains casting a soft glow on our faces. Someone next to me whispered her appreciation of the world’s beauty and I couldn’t help but agree. The sun painted an everlasting picture in our minds leaving behind silhouettes and memories that no picture can ever take away. The moon watched us from behind an old church steeple just like a parent makes sure their child is asleep before leaving them to their dreams. And in this moment of stillness, you can’t help but wonder, if it will occur again, just once more, enough for the soul to heal.

Written: 12/16/16 10:40pm


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