Memory Lane | Quick Piece Breakdown

Memory Lane

Wow, first of all, I’m really sorry for posting this breakdown two months late! I got caught up with schoolwork and then these ideas for Unconfined Thoughts popped up and they were too valuable to let go, so I continued to publish (12) of them.

Anyways, here’s the long awaited breakdown.

I wrote this piece with my friend in mind. Mind you, I do always write pieces about this person only because writing is my way to cope with things and this person is my good friend. Basically, this piece is about a mother with three children telling them stories about her friend only to relive those memories again. In the end, she calls the friend and that’s where the story ends.

This piece is pretty straight forward and to be honest, it isn’t my favorite because it’s so straight forward and a little forced. What I was trying to get at is the value of friendship. Even though there may be times when you forget about them, they will come back to you if they truly are your good friends. I wanted to give a sense of lost time contrasting made up time hence the story telling to the kids and the phone call in the end. Yet, I think I put too much of the kid’s characteristics in the story and failed to fully develop the relationship the mother and the friend had which is my main point of the story.

Now, here’s a PSA: After life finishes its chaos and you’re able to find a moment to sit in peace and actually hear your thoughts, this is when you should remember your friends. Remember those friends who sat with you in those silence. Remember those friends who hugged you tight and understood. Remember your friends who tried their best to understand, but no matter what, it was hard. Yet, they still remained your friend. Remember your friends who you just couldn’t stop laughing with and remember your friends who challenged you. Look at where you are now! Without the help of them, where would you be?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more writing!

Stay warm,



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