Unconfined Thoughts 7

This sidewalk holds too many truths. They’ve felt my soft feet, gently padding to the next destination. The only thing that crosses my mind was not allowing my feet to be star crossed lovers. The sidewalk with the old gum have felt my heavy steps of defeat as I quickly walked away from my failures. I refuse to surrender for my feet will push me far. The only thing that crosses my mind was that my steps always seemed to echo lonely songs to themselves. The sidewalk with the beautiful cobblestones have felt my sturdy feet weaving around crowds and darting around like a small field mouse. I reverberate to myself that my feet will carry me far despite the steps that lead back to my broken steps. And I travel from one place to another, holding open doors until people are forced to run because they didn’t want to appear rude. I walk with my steps echoing loudly in the alleys and sometimes a symphony of steps add to my echo.

Written: 10/24/16 1:34pm


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