Unconfined Thoughts 6

Freshmen are interesting. they make themselves appear as though they know and have experienced everything when it’s the opposite. Personally, I think you have credential after you become an upperclassman. Maybe I’m speaking from an upperclassman perspective.

One rainy day, I was on my regular walk to class. My walk requires me to pass by a freshman dominant dorm. The wind was blowing the rain under our umbrellas, under their orange and blue university umbrellas. I squeeze myself to the front of the pack because I was running late as we waited for traffic to open up when a large gust of wind stunned me and apparently the rest of the pack. “It was the wind, I swear!” a male voice from my left said to his female friend. The cars continued racing by, narrowly avoiding splashing us. He continued to berate the wind to justify whatever happened. Freshmen are interesting.

Written: 10/22/16 2:06pm


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