Unconfined Thoughts 3

Have you ever went back into your songs, scrolled all the way down and listened to it again? The first note plays and you’re brought back to a time when you could never stop playing the song. Why did you stop anyways? There’s a song I listened to that I repeated as I got ready for my junior prom. There was a ton of anticipation and anxiousness that would mostly fill the head of a sixteen year old. I couldn’t decide if I was in love with the idea or if I was actually in love or if I was simply obsessed. There’s a song that I listen to now that secures me of good times and good people. When it becomes a relic, I’ll smile upon listening to it. Instead of fear and loneliness that fills my music, I fill them with joy. My soul can take a sigh, one where it sounds like you’ve been holding on to it for too long and it would mix with the deep undertones of the bass and I’ll feel whole again. Have you ever thought about how much of your life was structured around music? I didn’t either until I could feel again because of music.

Written: 10/7/16 8:53am – completed 10/16/16 12:00am


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