Memory Lane | Quick Piece

“Sometimes, you’ll have friends who hurt you, but most of the time, you’ll have friends who change your life.” I quietly say to my kids. They looked up at me in awe and my youngest, Ben, shouted “If anyone hurt you mom, I’ll punch them in the nuts!” I laughed and tousled his hair. I checked the time and announced, “It’s story time!” My three kids leaped on me with Ben and Lily sitting in my lap and Emery sitting by my side. I smiled at him before starting my story.
“I had good group of friends, but I’ll tell you about this guy I knew.” I said. My thoughts instantly went back to my college years and I found myself walking along my past self. “When we first met, we hated each other because we were going through hard times. I didn’t want to go to school and he lost something important.” Ben and Lily started to squirm, so I let to go. They ran into the playroom squealing about dragons and airplanes. I turned to Emery and sighed. “Should I continue? It might be a long one.” He widened his curious eyes and squeezed closer to me. “No mom! Continue! I want to know more!” I smiled and stared straight ahead, my memories playing before me. “Eventually, we got to know each other a little better and we spent every hour with each other. My friends would always talk behind our backs and thought we liked each other, but we were just good friends. This friend always knew what to say when I was having difficulties, but every once in a while we would have arguments. I remember him telling me that everyone has the right to say whatever we want. In the end, I always knew that we will always good friends because the three years I’ve known him, things have changed for the better.” I finished and looked at Emery, his eyes still wide. “What do you think?” I asked him, I could see the gears working in his head. He stammered, “Mom! Do you still talk to him? What happened after you left school? Is he near you? How come you didn’t marry him?” I laughed and said, “Emery, oh Emery! Thank you for reminding me! Ever since we moved, I knew something was missing and I now know I should talk to this friend because moving was crazy and I forgot!” I leaped off the couch and popped my head into the playroom, seeing Ben and Lily building a city and hurried into my room with Emery following close behind. I dialed my friend’s number, my hand shaking a little and waited for the call to get through. My son, looked from the phone to my face until I heard, “Hello? It’s about time you called.”


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