Unconfined Thoughts 2

Sometimes I crave affection so much that it physically hurts. I want someone to be near me and to hold me close so that I can feel their heartbeat reverberating with mine. I’ve felt this warmth before and it fills my heart and warms my soul. I don’t fear anymore. It’s like that feeling you have when you’re laughing. You never want to stop. The reason I pull away faster than I want is because I’m not in love with you – at least not in that way. I love you for who you are and you simply reverberate comfort within yourself. I love the way you think, spiraling and spinning, never quite reaching a conclusion. It’s not usual that you meet someone who can walk through the night and not be startled by their shadows – like that’s a thing. I crave intimacy and affection even if it means falling in love with you just for the hug, just for 5 minutes, just so my soul is full again.

Written: 10/7/16, 12:30am


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