Barrier | Quick Piece Breakdown


This piece is very personal to me because it’s something that actually happened. Basically what happened, I had a friend who wouldn’t listen to me, who used my feelings which resulted in the end of our friendship. I wrote this piece to give myself closure of what happened because while friendship is already hard for me to acquire, it was even more difficult to make sense with myself to let go of this friendship for my own mental health. I feel like everyone eventually has to go through something like this. My friend told me that whenever I write about emotional things that happened in my life, the pieces are more powerful because of the diction I used and the strong emotions I have behind it. I would agree, but I don’t usually write highly emotional pieces because it’s kind of exhausting.

This short piece is a timeline of our deteriorating friendship. In the first paragraph, it’s the beginnings when I helped her out with her life and comforted her. In the next paragraph, I realized that she just wanted someone to listen to her, so I let her be until she met my friends and they saw through her, leaving her feeling betrayed. I felt like I was stuck in a middle of a conflict because of two different perspectives I was hearing. At the end of that paragraph, it seals the deal with the fact that my friend just used me for her own benefit with nothing coming out for me because friendship or any kind of relationship is a two way contract. In the final paragraph, I mention the amount of stress this is causing for me, so I end it. The final sentences is basically saying how I find comfort in my decision only through the distance.

This piece could be categorized as either poetry because of the lyricalness or it could be categorized as creative non-fiction because it’s a snippet of a part of my life written in a creative way or it could be categorized as a short story because after all, it is a short story. Personally, depending on where I’m publishing it and who I’m telling this story to, it would be either. It’s partially up to the reader.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Have a good day!



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