Maryrose and Lucius | Quick Piece Breakdown

Maryrose and Lucius


I’m so sorry for letting the end of this story drag out so long. I got caught up with school and I also had to slowly get back into the groove of writing again. Despite all the excuses I just pulled up, I hope you enjoyed the story.

From Carpus, we learned about what the Carpus fate was and we learned about the conflict between Jenni and Shilia. At the end of the story, it ended with Shila leaving the house, determined to find the two destined to meet her.

Shila ends up enrolling in school and finds a match between a name on her wrist and one of her classmates, but before she could find out if Lucius is her enemy or soulmate, he leaves the scene. For a while, Shila is haunted by the memory of the night she left home, but continues what she’s doing. A little while later, Shila finds someone with the name of Maryrose, but just like with Lucius, she’s unable to confirm that Maryrose is either her soulmate or enemy. More time passes and Shila finds herself face to face with Maryrose and confirms that she is part of her Carpus fate. Maryrose runs away from Shila and they find themselves fighting each other with Shila justifying to simply talk while Maryrose just wants to be done with the Carpus fate. Then, they encounter Lucius and he basically says that he already found his soulmate, Keara, making Shila his enemy and Maryrose Shila’s soulmate. From then on, there’s a change in attitude for everyone and they’re settled again.

I wrote this story straightforward because I wanted to focus on getting the plot down and this new concept to make sense. In my opinion, it has the classic fighting scenes with the name calling and being cornered to resolving the issue and befriending the “enemy”. My main conflict of this story was who I wanted to be the soulmate and enemy. I went through many revisions and will continue to try to rewrite this story because the concept is very open and flexible. I started with wanting Lucius to be the soulmate and Maryrose to be the enemy, hence the fight scene, but I decided to make the end result a little more ambiguous. You could either interpret it as they became good friends or they entered into a relationship. I leave that up to the reader because it’s already difficult to write romance for me, so I tend to leave things to the reader’s interpretation.

In my opinion, I feel like the story wrapped up really quickly. (Let me know what you think!) Maybe because of the conflicts I had with writing this story or because I waited too long to finish it up.

Anyways, don’t forget to leave feedback and opinions for me!

Thanks for reading!



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