Tour Groups | Poetry Breakdown


I’m back again! Sorry about the month long delay of everything. Things were getting hectic and school started, so I’m getting back into the swing of things. Here’s a poem called, “Tour Groups”. The ironic thing is that I’ve had this in my drafts for a week. How’s that for being back!

Tour Groups
When I was little,
college students were the coolest you could get.
They were the smartest people in the world
and I could never understand whatever they talked about.
I could never be with them anyways because
they were taller
than I was

They told me to dream big
and to hold my head up high
Their hollow eyes and
wide smiles confused me
They seemed so cool far away
but up close they were scary

I did as they were told
and as I got older
my dreams wanted to slip away
and I glanced up at them
and their smiles were glowing

I shut my ears because
I was certain they deceived me
I furiously wrote down numbers
where letters should be
and heard my name next to theirs
My dreams fell through the cracks
and I couldn’t stop and stare
and wish that I never saw them again

Now that I’m in college
I look upon you with affection
but I can’t help but let my pains shine through
because it’s the truth
I don’t want you to know
but you’ll find out
I tell you to follow your dreams
and to not give up
because you’re going to need the strength
I found too late.

I thought this poem would be appropriate for this time of the year even though I wrote it in May. Juniors and seniors in high school are busy looking for their next college and they come whenever possible. You can immediately tell whenever there are tour groups because of the parents anxiously walking along the bored kids following a fellow student. They take up a lot of space and they eat all our food and they’re usually identified by the merchandise our school gives them. I take pleasure in making fun of them. (Take note: I’m not always cruel like this because I know exactly how they felt.)

This poem is an ode to high schoolers going to enter their next stage of life. It’s a big step and I’m sure when those high schoolers are touring my school, they are most certainly looking at me, watching me carefully to see how I function in the collegiate society. All I can think is to not make a fool of themselves and that I’m going to be late if I’m stuck behind this group. All jokes aside, this transition can be difficult.

I wrote this poem to mimic the inner monologue of a college student whenever they see them going through this transition. It’s like a reflection and message to high schoolers that college students aren’t as far ahead as you may think we are.

The first stanza starts off by having the narrator reflect on their childhood and always admiring the college students. They always seemed to be the smartest and best kind of people. From the first stanza, begins the comparisons. Then, the second stanza continues by speaking from the college students who talked to the narrator with inspirations. By the end of the poem, these inspirations became the motivation for the narrator.

In the third stanza, the tone starts to change. There’s a quick transition in time, but there was still the innocence the narrator had from the beginning . And from the fourth stanza, the narrator starts to get discouraged since things aren’t going as they imagined it to be. They’re struggling in school and they start to really envy the student and wonder if they can even get up there.

The final stanza tells the truth behind the college student’s perspective and reasoning, but instead it’s the narrator. The cycle is completed.

This poem is pretty personal because it pretty much goes through how I felt throughout my academic career. I titled it tour groups because of the prospective students looking at school. Although they may be blocking sidewalks, too young and too curious for our liking, college students had to go through the same thing. There shouldn’t be a hierarchy even though it seems like we should because of what we’ve been through. There should simply be encouragements because of the difficulties that will soon to come to the student. We keep them ignorant because we don’t want them to get hurt so quick. Personally, I take fault in the false image I give prospective students, but they will learn soon.

I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Expect more soon! 🙂



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