Maryrose and Lucius | Quick Piece Breakdown

Maryrose and Lucius


I’m so sorry for letting the end of this story drag out so long. I got caught up with school and I also had to slowly get back into the groove of writing again. Despite all the excuses I just pulled up, I hope you enjoyed the story.

From Carpus, we learned about what the Carpus fate was and we learned about the conflict between Jenni and Shilia. At the end of the story, it ended with Shila leaving the house, determined to find the two destined to meet her.

Shila ends up enrolling in school and finds a match between a name on her wrist and one of her classmates, but before she could find out if Lucius is her enemy or soulmate, he leaves the scene. For a while, Shila is haunted by the memory of the night she left home, but continues what she’s doing. A little while later, Shila finds someone with the name of Maryrose, but just like with Lucius, she’s unable to confirm that Maryrose is either her soulmate or enemy. More time passes and Shila finds herself face to face with Maryrose and confirms that she is part of her Carpus fate. Maryrose runs away from Shila and they find themselves fighting each other with Shila justifying to simply talk while Maryrose just wants to be done with the Carpus fate. Then, they encounter Lucius and he basically says that he already found his soulmate, Keara, making Shila his enemy and Maryrose Shila’s soulmate. From then on, there’s a change in attitude for everyone and they’re settled again.

I wrote this story straightforward because I wanted to focus on getting the plot down and this new concept to make sense. In my opinion, it has the classic fighting scenes with the name calling and being cornered to resolving the issue and befriending the “enemy”. My main conflict of this story was who I wanted to be the soulmate and enemy. I went through many revisions and will continue to try to rewrite this story because the concept is very open and flexible. I started with wanting Lucius to be the soulmate and Maryrose to be the enemy, hence the fight scene, but I decided to make the end result a little more ambiguous. You could either interpret it as they became good friends or they entered into a relationship. I leave that up to the reader because it’s already difficult to write romance for me, so I tend to leave things to the reader’s interpretation.

In my opinion, I feel like the story wrapped up really quickly. (Let me know what you think!) Maybe because of the conflicts I had with writing this story or because I waited too long to finish it up.

Anyways, don’t forget to leave feedback and opinions for me!

Thanks for reading!



Maryrose and Lucius | Quick Piece

Part 1: Carpus

“Don’t you want to be happy, Shila? Don’t you think you need something else in your life?” my sister shouted at me. Her eyes filled with tears and slowly started approaching me. “Yes, but you’re better at this than me, Jenni! You’re great! Please don’t be upset!” Her skin started fading to grey and she extended her arms to me. “I just have to go to do something. Actually, I’m fulfilling my Carpus fate! Please, where are you going, Jenni!” I frantically tried to get a hold of her, but the last words she said was, “Don’t fail the family, Shila.”

I woke up with a start, heart pounding and drenched in sweat. I started doing a bunch of checks to keep myself from overthinking. My name is Shila and I left home three years ago to fulfill my Carpus fate. I’m living in Washington right now and I’m getting pretty close. I looked around my apartment and saw empty cartons everywhere. There were water bottles, take out boxes and papers strewn everywhere. I muttered, “My mom would kill me if she saw my room like this.” The last time I talked to my mom was a week ago and our conversation was extremely stiff. She just asked where I was and I gave her one worded responses. There were sometimes several seconds where our faces would silently be pressed against our phones with only an exchange of our breaths. My mom would finish the conversation off with a quick “I love you.” and before I had a chance to say so, the line was cut. I got dressed and had a quick bite of breakfast before heading to class.

When I first left home, I was set on proving to everyone that I didn’t need the fate to prove my worth but the more I ventured off, the more stories I heard of failed attempts to ditch the fate. I’ve heard about people’s hands suddenly falling off. I’ve heard about people’s wrists becoming engulfed in flames and being burned alive. I’ve even heard about people disappearing and never seen again. I immediately enrolled in a school after being on the road for a couple months. There was someone in my class named Maryrose, but I never got close enough to see her wrist. I just had a reverberating thought that this was simply too easy. By the end of the year, I still hadn’t talked to my sister, made a group of friends and wasn’t able to get close enough to Maryrose. She must’ve realized that I was in her class, but it was a big lecture class after all.

The following year, I was in a different class and it had less people. There weren’t that many people that we could introduce ourselves. I sat in the front of the class and I noticed that someone jumped when they heard my name. I looked back and saw a guy who couldn’t have been older than me. He made eye contact with me before glancing at his wrist. It wasn’t until he introduced himself with his eyes locked on mine did I realize that there was a match. As I walked back to my apartment, thoughts ran in my mind. My first instinct was to call my parents and tell them I potentially found my soul mate and enemy at the school I was attending. I just had to find out who was which, but the thing is that they would want us to meet and I wasn’t prepared to speak to my sister yet.

One day after class, I was going to grab some lunch before I ran into Maryrose again, drawing me close enough to see her tan wrist. I clearly bore Shila on her wrist and before I could say anything, she bolted from the restaurant, with my forgotten lunch left behind and my mission quickly drawing to an end. Eventually, I caught up with her in an alley. Her hands were on her knees, her chest was heaving and her glare was unforgettable. They bore through me and before I could say anything, she shouted, “I know who you are! Get away from me! I don’t want anything to do with you or the Carpus mission!” I slowly approached her and said, “Look, I don’t know if you’re my enemy or my soul mate. I also hate the fact that we have to do this, but let’s get this over with. If you’re my enemy then I’ll leave you alone. If you’re my soul mate, then let’s work this out.” I wasn’t sure if my words made any impact, but I kept approaching her. “Don’t come any closer!” she shouted, from her back pocket, she pulled out a knife. I thought to myself, if she wanted to have a fight, then I’ll give her one. I lunged at her and narrowly dodged her knife. I managed to land a couple hits on her, causing her to pause and smirk at me. “Come at me, bitch.” she muttered as she slices my arm. I scream in pain and leaped on her and we wrestled around in the dark and dirty alley. I managed to wrestle and kick the knife away and I sat on her stomach and before I could pummel her face with my punches, I heard a distinct shout. I looked over my shoulder and saw Lucius holding a woman’s hand. We stopped fighting and sat up. “Maryrose, I know I avoided you last year because I was also in the process of fulfilling my Carpus fate. I met Keara and I immediately knew that she was my soul mate. When I saw you, I knew you were my enemy and I was afraid.” Lucius slowly said. His words only started to register with me when I sensed Maryrose standing up next to me. She extended her hand to me and without a word, she pulled me in for a hug. Instead of feeling hatred for her, a new feeling erupted within me as I made eye contact with Lucius who smiled to me and then smiled to Keara. “How come you aren’t fighting me?” I stammered to Lucius. Maryrose nodded in agreement and added, “I always thought you have to somehow defeat your enemy. When I saw Shila, I just got the feeling to defeat her. Maybe the paranoia was getting to me.” Her sorrow filled look erased the hard feelings I had for her. Lucius laughed and said, “As long as you recognize the relations of the names, then the fate will be settled.” And from then on, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

A month later, Maryrose and I share an apartment and each day with her is a new adventure. Sometimes Lucius and Keara would visit us and we would happily catch up. After that night, I glanced at my wrists and to my surprise and dismay; I found the names completely faded from my wrists. Since then, I had tearfully reconciled with my sister with a five hour phone call and we’ve visited each other many times afterwards. And from then on, I knew that everything was settled again.

Tour Groups | Poetry Breakdown


I’m back again! Sorry about the month long delay of everything. Things were getting hectic and school started, so I’m getting back into the swing of things. Here’s a poem called, “Tour Groups”. The ironic thing is that I’ve had this in my drafts for a week. How’s that for being back!

Tour Groups
When I was little,
college students were the coolest you could get.
They were the smartest people in the world
and I could never understand whatever they talked about.
I could never be with them anyways because
they were taller
than I was

They told me to dream big
and to hold my head up high
Their hollow eyes and
wide smiles confused me
They seemed so cool far away
but up close they were scary

I did as they were told
and as I got older
my dreams wanted to slip away
and I glanced up at them
and their smiles were glowing

I shut my ears because
I was certain they deceived me
I furiously wrote down numbers
where letters should be
and heard my name next to theirs
My dreams fell through the cracks
and I couldn’t stop and stare
and wish that I never saw them again

Now that I’m in college
I look upon you with affection
but I can’t help but let my pains shine through
because it’s the truth
I don’t want you to know
but you’ll find out
I tell you to follow your dreams
and to not give up
because you’re going to need the strength
I found too late.

I thought this poem would be appropriate for this time of the year even though I wrote it in May. Juniors and seniors in high school are busy looking for their next college and they come whenever possible. You can immediately tell whenever there are tour groups because of the parents anxiously walking along the bored kids following a fellow student. They take up a lot of space and they eat all our food and they’re usually identified by the merchandise our school gives them. I take pleasure in making fun of them. (Take note: I’m not always cruel like this because I know exactly how they felt.)

This poem is an ode to high schoolers going to enter their next stage of life. It’s a big step and I’m sure when those high schoolers are touring my school, they are most certainly looking at me, watching me carefully to see how I function in the collegiate society. All I can think is to not make a fool of themselves and that I’m going to be late if I’m stuck behind this group. All jokes aside, this transition can be difficult.

I wrote this poem to mimic the inner monologue of a college student whenever they see them going through this transition. It’s like a reflection and message to high schoolers that college students aren’t as far ahead as you may think we are.

The first stanza starts off by having the narrator reflect on their childhood and always admiring the college students. They always seemed to be the smartest and best kind of people. From the first stanza, begins the comparisons. Then, the second stanza continues by speaking from the college students who talked to the narrator with inspirations. By the end of the poem, these inspirations became the motivation for the narrator.

In the third stanza, the tone starts to change. There’s a quick transition in time, but there was still the innocence the narrator had from the beginning . And from the fourth stanza, the narrator starts to get discouraged since things aren’t going as they imagined it to be. They’re struggling in school and they start to really envy the student and wonder if they can even get up there.

The final stanza tells the truth behind the college student’s perspective and reasoning, but instead it’s the narrator. The cycle is completed.

This poem is pretty personal because it pretty much goes through how I felt throughout my academic career. I titled it tour groups because of the prospective students looking at school. Although they may be blocking sidewalks, too young and too curious for our liking, college students had to go through the same thing. There shouldn’t be a hierarchy even though it seems like we should because of what we’ve been through. There should simply be encouragements because of the difficulties that will soon to come to the student. We keep them ignorant because we don’t want them to get hurt so quick. Personally, I take fault in the false image I give prospective students, but they will learn soon.

I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Expect more soon! 🙂