The Pain We Carry | Quick Piece Breakdown

The Pain We Carry

This piece was written in response to everything that’s been happening in the States. Rewind to last Thursday when I decided to catch up to everything that’s been happening. Personally, when these things happen, I avoid news outlets at all costs. It really pains me to see our country hurting and torn between viewpoints. My first emotion that came to me was anger and then sadness. I didn’t understand why things were happening or why they were still happening. It seemed like there was this ball of anger rolling around now. It would be really difficult to put it to an end now, so it’s going to take large measures. I thought about how I was going to address this situation and I knew how to do it carefully so the right idea would be expressed.

It starts off with the narrator standing under rain signifying pain and loss as well as anguish since the rain is harsh. It’s obvious that it’s raining hard, but the narrator doesn’t really pay attention to it. It’s more of an expression, an epitome of my emotions. There’s a inner monologue within the narrator about what to do with the rain. They could chose to go home where it’s safe or to continue standing there. They lean towards just remaining as they are and adding to the rain. I cry, “It has rained for 10 years and I’m so tired! We are all tired. Right now, I speak for the world. We want the warm, golden sun again!” In this piece, the sun represents love and happiness since the rain represents pain. In the end, the narrator goes home, but they aren’t afraid because they had a chance to free their voice.

The main point I wanted to be taken away from my piece was: The pain we carry silences our voices to the point where we struggle to venture outside. Basically, with everything that’s happening, we don’t really know what’s true and false. We don’t know what’s right and what we can do to really help instead of just putting more anger.

As for what’s happening right now and what we can actively do, let’s remember all the victims and families lost in all the tragedies that has happened in the past couple of years. I know that slowly, but surely, justice will be served and something will be done. The best we can do right now is to pay our respects.

Thanks for reading!



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