Walls & Plantae | Quick Piece Breakdown


I hope you’re doing well! I’m sorry that I’ve been very consistent with the posts, but in this post, there will be two quick piece breakdowns.


This piece was written out of boredom. It was written about a month ago when I was in the midst of taking an intense summer class. In two weeks, you can get three credits, but that means that the class is four hours long. All I was doing during that time was going to class and spending the rest of the day on my laptop because I was so exhausted. Since it was technically summer vacation, most of my friends left the University. I was left to my own devices.

This piece epitomizes college life, but with a small twist. It starts out with the narrator spending the night in their apartment and hearing their neighbor’s party. There’s a hint of envy from the narrator whether it be because either they weren’t invited or because they were neighbors, the neighbor would have the sense to casually invite the narrator. The main emotion I wanted to resonate was loneliness. After a quick college meal, a pizza man delivers a pizza the narrator didn’t order to their door. On the note, it says Walls may seem to be like a barrier when they also provide structural integrity. Enjoy the pizza on me! From, your partying neighbor This means that while the wall between them is there, it can also be “broken” to build a better foundation. The neighbor not only bought the pizza for the narrator, but they invited them to the next party. The narrator chose to spend the night comfortably by themselves.

This story is a pretty simple story talking about the two main themes I usually write about, loneliness and friendship.


This story was dedicated to my friend who requested that I write a story about a man named Karl who finds plants arriving at his doorstep and is determined to find out who’s leaving him these gifts. I found this request quite interesting, so I jumped on it. Also, the title is Latin for plant. Once again, this story is about friendship and loneliness. Would you say that they’re the opposite? Maybe I write about these themes because of my familiarity with it.

It starts with Karl receiving a succulent and getting berated by his neighbor, Betsy. Karl eliminates the possibility that Betsy could’ve been his plant giver because of the excuses she gives him. In the next segment, you can see that Karl is 100% comfortable with his plants to the extent of giving them names and talking to them. It also appears that he tags personality with the individual plants. It becomes obvious after it shows him actually having a conversation with his friend only to talk about plants. Then, Karl sets out to find out who has been leaving him the plants. In the beginning, I kind of made it clear that Karl is curious about who leaves him the plants, but since they’re too fast for him, he doesn’t make a bigger effort until his passion in finding a friend he can connect with better.

He pictures scenarios that would happen as time passes, but the plant giver doesn’t stop by yet. The plant giver stops by and Karl runs out of the door. I decided to add in the little bit with the blanket to give him more human qualities and to add more quirkiness. He finds out that his neighbor’s granddaughter named Kiki was the one who has been leaving him the plants. They quickly bond over their love for plants and Kiki explains that Betsy acts that way to him because of her jealousy in being able to care for plants. Kiki agrees to continue giving plants as well as form a friendship.

I had to admit that this story took some time because the idea wasn’t first formed by me, so I really had to embrace the characters and the setting. Since it was a little out of my comfort zone, I had to make sure that the plot flowed seamlessly, so there was some time when I was just sitting at my desk not really writing anything because I was thinking about where I wanted this story to go. My usual process for writing stories is to have a general idea and to just go with the flow. With this one, there was more planning and nudging involved and I’m happy with how it turned out. My friend was delighted after reading it. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the stories and the analysis! Have a great day!




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