Passing on the Torch | Journey to Kendo

Hello everyone,
I thought I would give you a well deserved update on how I’m doing with kendo!

As of April, I’m no longer the president of the club and a freshman has taken on the role. Of course I’ll be continuing to help them out and remaining in the club. I have the title of “shadow president” now. The way our club runs is that we want freshmen and sophomores to run for office so that when they’re no longer in office, they’ll be able to give suggestions to the underclassmen, just like what I’m doing. That way, the club will be secure with room for improvement. And I’ll still be continuing to try my hand at coaching.

The last time we spoke, I told you about our changes in training. We’re still going to try to implement that in the next semester. Now that the school year is over and we don’t have summer practices, it’s our down time. What I personally have to do is keep up my physical strength and ability. While I don’t have my bogu and shinai with me, I’ve still been doing exercises including running.

Oh and I forgot to mention this, but I got my own armor! It was a big purchase, but it was worth it. It’s going to take some time before the blue dye stops bleeding on my skin each time after I spar, but the fit is so great. The strikes don’t hurt as much anymore! My favorite part of my armor is the zekken which kind of like a name plate. My family name and my school name is on it and it makes it official, I own it! Since I have a Chinese last name, it’s basically the same because Japanese and Chinese share some characters (kanji) and I don’t need to write it in katakana.

Thanks for sticking around!




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