Walls | Quick Piece

I pressed my hand against the wall hearing the thudding European Dance throb through my palm. For a moment I was immersed in their party. I saw myself with a drink in one of my hands and happily conversing with someone, quickly befriending after witnessing a drunken girl suddenly falls on her face. Laughter explodes through the wall, startling me and sending me back to where I was. “Ah, it’s time for dinner anyways.” I muttered to myself and shuffled out of my room and down to the kitchen. I didn’t want to hear any more laughter because with each one, I find my soul being ripped to pieces. “Wow Roxy, way to be dramatic.” I muttered to myself as I furiously buttered my toast. I wasn’t even hungry, but I needed a distraction. I was about to head back to my room when the door knocked. I cautiously set my toast down and peered through the peephole. The pizza deliveryman stood outside of my door staring at the door next door. I eased my door open and asked, “Who are you looking for?” He turned towards me and looked me up and down, surveying my mismatched pajamas and stolen hotel slippers. “I’m here for Roxy. I’ve got a pizza with everything on it.” he said with a terrible monotone voice. I shifted my weight and leaned against the door frame. The savory smells of the pizza wafted through the bag and my mouth started to water. “I didn’t order any pizza, but I am Roxy.” I said. He sighed and his gaze drifted towards the party next door. “Well, it’s under your name and address so you might as well take it. I’ve got a lot more runs, so I can’t really play Sherlock with you.” he said as he shoves the pizza into my arms. I shut the door, still in shock and peer at the pizza. It smelled incredible and it started to flood my apartment with the amazing aroma. I checked the receipt and saw that it was under my name and address, but the phone number was different. On the bottom of the receipt was a note to the deliveryman, but it appeared to be for me. The mysterious pizza purchaser must’ve knew that I wouldn’t have ordered a pizza at this time so they included a note of explanations. Walls may seem to be like a barrier when they also provide structural integrity. Enjoy the pizza on me! From, your partying neighbor I couldn’t help but smile not at the shear fact that I got free pizza, but because my neighbor remembered me and even invited me. I sighed as I turned on the TV and took a slice of pizza just as laughter erupted from the walls again. “I’ll see what’s up next time, but I’ve got all night and all this pizza to enjoy. There’s no stopping me now!” I declared as the show started.


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