Bacon & Eggs | Quick Piece Breakdown

Oops, I’m late again! A lot of things have been happening, mostly class so I’m usually pretty tired. First of all, I would like to welcome all of the new and recent followers to my blog! I hope you enjoy!

Bacon & Eggs

This piece felt unorganized to me, maybe because it was so long and in my opinion, I think it was really sappy. Basically, this piece is about a couple who drives away from home to find a town to elope. They end up finding this little town called Zearling (a name I made up) and an old couple who help them out. The old couple actually owned a stationary store and upon meeting Reid and Briella, they knew that they should help them out one of the reasons being already having their names on a wedding invitation.

This is a really straight forward story and I wanted to try my hand on writing a “happy-go-lucky” story. I wanted to write a story that really demonstrated (what I thought) true love was even if it meant eloping. Some of you may have different opinions about eloping and marriage when it comes to relationships, so this is just a little story about Reid and Briella. As for their names, I wanted them to be unique so I spent a little extra time searching. Their meanings don’t really carry much with regards to the story, but they are uncommon names to suggest that what they’re doing is uncommon. I also found that when I’m writing a “perfect” story, it takes me longer to set up because I don’t start the first couple of sentence with the disaster. I had to make the couple really love each other as well as the old couple. Things may have appeared to be too perfect.

I chose the title, Bacon and Eggs because in the part when Reid and Briella first meet the couple at the diner, they talk about how Briella ordered eggs and toast while Reid ordered bacon and pancakes while Briella remarks that they are so fit for each other like bacon and eggs. They complement each other and they’re similar. To be honest, I already had the title, Bacon and Eggs, in my head so I worked the plot gently around my title.

Anyways, I hope you liked my different take on romance!



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