Bacon & Eggs | Quick Piece

“You must be really tired.” my boyfriend noted as he looked up from his phone. I shook my head and continued driving. The streetlights looked like will-o-wisps, guiding me to my fate; I wonder if it’s the right one. My eyes carried the weight of hours of tears and a long day; I’m not sure how long I can continue. “Reid, I can’t do this anymore. You want to have a turn?” I muttered, my gaze no longer focused on the road. The lights drew me in, their warm glow appearing to be coming closer. When I pulled over and I got out of the car to switch, I could barely walk straight. Reid rubbed my shoulders and kissed my cheek before settling into the driver’s seat. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was him whispering, “We’re going to make it now, not long until we’re there.”
I woke up to the car pulled over in a rest stop. Reid was passed out in the back and his jacket was carefully draped over me. As soon as I turned around, his eyes fluttered open. “Hey, you’re awake. Sorry, I couldn’t drive for any longer. Those lights were so hypnotizing.” he muttered as he sat up. I smiled at him and sighed. “Well, as long as I’m with you, everything will be okay.” He stretched and yawned, his stomach peeking through his sweatshirt and I smiled wider. “You want to drive or you want me to drive?” I suggested as he appeared by the window. He shrugged and slid into the driver’s seat. “Breakfast and then marriage. How about that?” he said with a wide grin on his face, all traces of sleepiness gone. I gave him a kiss and we drove off into the sunrise in search of breakfast.
We just happened to find a small family diner in a little village where we could find breakfast and get marriage. “It would be perfect if we could get married and eat breakfast at the same time.” Reid said. I shrugged and continued watching the sun’s rays touch the little town houses, “Now, we don’t live in a perfect world.” At the diner, I ordered eggs with toast and Reid ordered bacon and eggs. With his mouth full, he remarked “Hey! We’re just like bacon and eggs – we’re so fit for each other.” I scooted myself into his side and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Even in an imperfect world, you’re so perfect for me.” I said.
After breakfast, we went to look for a courthouse. At the diner, we met an older couple who remarked on how our relationship reminded them of us. Their little kisses for each other made us hope that we would end up like them one day. We told them what we were doing and they kindly reminded us that we needed witnesses. In return, we asked if they would be so willing to be our witnesses. And the four of us set off to look for the courthouse. The older lady’s name was Hanah and she insisted that we find some flowers and a little veil that I could put on so I felt more special while Reid and Ian went to search for a tuxedo and a chapel. She was a nice lady and she reminded me of my grandmother. After an hour and a half of searching, I found a veil and some lilies and Reid found a quaint little chapel on the outskirts of the village.
The ceremony only took about an hour and by the time it was all finished, Hanah and Ian applauded for us while the officiant smiled on. We called our parents after two days of not contacting them and happily told them that we were married in Zearling. Their relieved congratulations with a hint of sadness and regret continued to haunt me to this day, but I knew that it was for the better. After the ceremony, we had lunch with Hanah and Ian, explaining to them how we met and why we decided that this was the better way. Before we left to go back home, Hanah and Ian decided to surprise us with wedding invitations. “Oh you shouldn’t have!” I remarked as I saw the beautiful lettering. “Yeah, these are beautiful! When did you even have these made? We were with you for this entire day!” Reid exclaimed, his eyes scanning the delicate paper in front of him. Ian smiled to his wife before saying, “We own a stationary store in the village and this was actually the sample invitation. When we found out that you guys were named Briella and Reid, we were delighted.” Hanah laughed and continued, “We just couldn’t believe that two people decided to elope in our town! It was like you guys knew and decided to stop by here!” We were completely speechless, our gaze shifting quickly from Hanah and Ian to the beautiful wedding invitation we never had. Reid finally said, “Well, then we definitely know that it was meant to be!”


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