Foreign Matter | Quick Piece Breakdown

Foreign Matter

Hello everyone,

I hope your day is going well so far!

This piece was written with more personal ties to it than my other pieces. I avoided doing that for a while because I wrote the piece out of emotion rather than having a good story laid out. I decided to try it out again to gauge my writing, in comparison with my previous emotion riddled pieces. I also wrote this piece for therapeutic reasons.

This piece basically follows a narrator who’s traveling. On the first impression, it may feel like one of my previous pieces, Eleanor because it starts with the train. On a side-note, I enjoy riding the train mostly for the soothing sound it makes. Anyways, this piece begins with the narrator going through the town and remembering memories that they formed with each place from graduation to prom. Then, the narrator starts looking around and sees a couple saying good-bye to each other and a family with a baby where the mom and father is unhappy with her life while the grandmother is oblivious to everything. The narrator encounters someone who points out where they’re from when the narrator doesn’t want that part of them to be accentuated. In the end, this left the narrator feeling like an outlier, belonging nowhere.

While this piece is personally linked to me, this piece can also relate to others as well. The first I can think of is to someone who has recently moved and they’re visiting their hometown. Essentially, I was coming home from college and I had felt this way.

I hope you enjoyed this story & thanks for reading!



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