Writing a Story | Poetry Breakdown

Hello everyone,

This poem is called “Writing a Story”, I hope you enjoy!

I was writing a story and it went a little like this:

my vision went dark and
the ground granted me permission
to lay on top of it
and I forgot to ask in the first place
you came quick
and you shunned the ground away
you swept in and
I collapsed into your arms

I was dreaming of a situation and it went a little like this:

my hand was no longer alone and I had a greater reason to smile.

A fourteen word story
could say so much
like my silent lips
and my quick glances

Where could I go with this?
This unedited, raw and open story.
Is it an invitation
for new change?

I was writing a story and it went like this:

I saw you in the distance
and you told me that my
smile was too foreign, so
I pointed out that you were sitting too close.
What’s too close?
And I pointed at you.
You put your arms around me
and everything became brighter.

I was writing a story.
What sounds right?

This poem is an interesting one. It feels like it has no direction, but there’s a reoccurring theme throughout the poem. Basically, it’s a poem about an internal dialogue. It could either be of a writer’s mind or of a hopeless romantic.

It starts with the narrator writing a story followed with a short story that is about someone catching the other person after they’ve fallen down. In the next stanza, the narrator takes control again. They prompt if it’s an invitation for change whether it be for a new story or a new relationship. In the next line, instead of writing a story, it’s dreaming of a situation. The scene is just a line and it could even be mistaken as a line from the narrator. It basically talks about how they found someone as depicted by holding hands. The narrator steps in and prompts the reader again about how the little story is a reflection of the internal dialogue of the writer or lover. Either way, it’s being expressed through writing. Here, we see overlap between the narrator and the scenes.

The narrator continues and questions the reader with the same line as  before, prompting for change. The narrator begins another story and this time, it’s the same length as the first story with a slightly different connotation. Instead of being longing, they are more cautious, but in the end, they are open to the circumstances.

In the end, the narrator prompts the reader for one last time – whether or not they’re making the right choice.

This poem has many different interpretations and personally, I found it difficult to write because I couldn’t just freely write it after I’ve established my theme. I needed to stick with the theme with the same tone and also having a sense of ambiguity.

Let me know what your interpretations of the poem are!

Thanks for reading!



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