Color the World | Poetry Breakdown


I thought I write a poem for a change especially with this subject! Also, it’s almost finals week so I’m going to apologize ahead of time if my posts become more inconsistent. Writing will still be happening though!

“Color the World”
There’s no fear in this art
except if a stray note runs
and breaks your heart instead of
comforting it.
There should be full confidence in this art
as you fight warriors with your arms
and sending them into the depths
of raging Beethoven.
There’s no worry in this art
as you cradle it in your heart
and it sings lullabies back to you.
There should be power.
There should be strength.
There should be a gentle caress with a loving and guiding hand.

It can be breath-takingly beautiful
the swelling and the swirling
the gradual buildup
the shocking crash
the feeling you get when you want to
It can be breath-takingly beautiful
the clash of the notes making you cock your head
the start and stop and you pause to catch your breath
the winding dizziness that drives you insane
It can be breath-takingly beautiful

By creating music,
we create the world
by adding color.
Even though we appear complacent
with only our fingers and voices
expressing more than we ever could.
Even though we are simply reading
whatever someone wrote years ago
Even though we say we despise the art
when in reality we love our craft.
By being music,
we color the world.

This piece was dedicated to my twelve years of being involved in music, especially orchestra. I started playing the violin when I was 8 and slowly, but surely worked up to playing in an ensemble in high school. Then, when I found out that non-music majors could join the orchestra only through audition, I started to word towards that goal. After a couple auditions and many practice sessions, one of which involved my old middle school teacher, I made it into the Symphony Orchestra. When I first played with them in February, I started tearing up a bit because of how beautiful it sounded. It was such an honor to be playing with them. In March, I had my first concert with them and leading up to it, I practiced whenever I was free for nearly an hour. I didn’t care that I sat in the back. I just loved being surrounded by so many talented musicians and being able to converse in sync with our musical skills. And just this past Sunday, I played in my second concert – the final one of the season. And I’m so happy that my music has taken me this far and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Sometimes, it would take a dozen extra hours of practice until I could finally understand the rhythm or play it up to speed. Sometimes I would get extremely frustrated with my instrument and want to give up so many times. I was never really concertmaster or head of the section. If I was, I was there because of pity. That didn’t really concern me though. I didn’t care about the competition, I just wanted to be involved in an orchestra. Also, I’m really glad for my friends who went to my concerts. 😀 There’s a more comprehensive story to this part of my life, but I know that music will always be a part of me because it brings me and other people happiness.

So, with this background, this piece is filled with admiration for this craft. It starts with needing to have confidence in what you’re playing especially in your instrument and that you shouldn’t let a wrong net get you down. It can make you feel all sorts of things. It can empower you and comfort you. Music is pretty music tied with emotion or have you feel something you haven’t felt in a while. Sometimes, the music doesn’t clash and it’s so beautiful. Sometimes, that beauty is dissonance, lack of harmony among musical notes. Whatever floats your boat. Playing an instrument could be romanticized to being easy to pick up and learn, but with skill comes practice and since we’re very human, we don’t want to go through with the hard work. It’s not really something of habit, but something you become, a part of your identity. Like, I can call myself a violinist because I play the violin. And I believe that music can really bring life to things hence the color analogy.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this poem! Look forward to reading about my musical journey!



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