Wilbur | Quick Piece Breakdown


As simple as this piece looks, there’s actually more to it than it seems. I feel like the simpler the piece is, the more meaning there could be about the piece unless the story is, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Then, you would just be over analyzing it.

Anyways, I wanted to write something that wasn’t romance and more reflective.

Side note: if you haven’t noticed, I’m still in the process of finding my voice and style in writing. With each story I write, they not only help release something about myself, but I can also discover what I like in writing and what I don’t like in writing. As of now, it seems like I like romance with flowy descriptions and conversation. Maybe that has to do with what’s happening now. I know that since I started out in poetry, my writing is more “flowery” or “descriptive” per say. I’m still working on the aspect of plot lines to hopefully expand to a greater story ie. a novel. Also, I’ve noticed that I like to always have some sort of lesson in my pieces whether it’s subtle or not.

Okay, back to the analysis.

This story quickly goes through this man’s life, but it centers around his name. I got this idea from my older writing habits. I used to plan out the character way ahead of writing the actual story so much so that I loose track of the plot. Then, I started to focus more on the plot and I just gave my characters “plain” names, names without so much meaning or names with meaning that don’t need to be explored. In “Wilbur”, I carefully chose a name that had a deeper meaning. I wanted him to stand out. Through this, he would find himself and as you can see through this story, it took him his entire life and other people to help him. As for Meghan, it means pearl even though I don’t mention the meaning and it appears that she is just at the sidelines. In fact, Meghan was a key part in Wilbur’s life by being a mother, wife and friend (that sounds like some eulogy just now) and she essentially helped him find himself thus making her pretty unique in his life, a pearl.

At this point in my life, I’m discovering more things which is pretty interesting and overwhelming at the same time. I’m learning more about who I am as each day passes and my definition of friendship. I’ve been on this journey for nearly three years now and it’s just going to keep going. We change with time and how we respond to change is what defines us. For example, I wrote the entirety of this blog post in my class. Ten years from now, I would probably think that I was stupid, but my current self doesn’t really care. 😉 (I really should)

Anyways, don’t be afraid to take some risks. It adds some spice in your life. 🙂



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