Wilbur | Quick Piece

This is a story of my life. My parents met, they fell in love and got married. Shortly afterwards, I was born. Then, two years later, my sister was born. As siblings usually are, they don’t get along when younger, but learn to really appreciate each other when they’re older. In school, I met lots of people and some became my enemies and some became my close friends. When I went to college, I lost contact with them, but I made up by making more incredible friends. They changed my life and I chose my best friend I met in college to be my best man. I married an amazing girl named, Meghan. A year later, our two sons were born. We wanted just one, but we were surprised with twins. Before they came, I never imagined myself being a father. Now, I don’t know what I would do without them.

When I was little, my mother would always tell me that my name was special. She would pat my head and smile like she was anointing me with my name’s special meaning. Of course, I would beg her to tell me what it meant and she would smile again and hug me. I loved her hugs. Before she passed away, she reminded me again that my name was special. I learned that my name meant that I was brilliant and I didn’t feel like it really fit me. I liked my name, but the meaning just clashed with me. I just went with the flow and did things how they’re suppose to be. I don’t go above and beyond. I didn’t impact society. I just went with the flow. I asked Meghan about what my mom said and she nodded and made her thinking face. “I don’t think she means it literally. I think she’s saying that you have to embrace yourself.” she said soundly. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic, but based on the look she gave me she was serious. I shrugged and said that maybe it was true.

Twenty years later and I have seven grandchildren, three girls and four boys. My dear Meghan passed away two years ago and I miss her everyday. Life is kind of dull, but I still get by because I’ve finally figured out what my name means. What Meghan said and what my mom said is what drives me everyday. I’m brilliant even if I’m just Wilbur. I’m brilliant because I’m Wilbur.


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